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How much will it cost to study abroad?
Program costs vary greatly. Participants on Duke-administered programs pay Duke tuition and fees; students on Duke-approved programs pay tuition and fees of the host institution plus Duke's $4,580 study abroad fee per semester  (2016-17). In many cases tuition and fees for study abroad are somewhat less than studying on Duke's campus.

Is airfare included? Are there group flights?
The cost of Duke-administered programs does not include airfare. While few of Duke's programs have mandatory group flights, some do have "designated flights," meaning that those flights will be met by a member of the program staff upon arrival in the host country. Some of the non-Duke programs' costs do include airfare for a group flight. Students attending non-Duke programs should consult that program's materials for travel information.

Is there financial aid?
Yes. Semester financial aid is applicable for Duke students to study abroad on both Duke-administered and Duke-approved programs. Both federal and institutional aid is fully portable. Students on financial aid at Duke receive financial aid for their study abroad experience in the same proportion as for their studies on Duke's campus, but never more than their financial aid at Duke. Students eligible for financial aid during the academic year, may be eligible for summer financial aid as well, but only to attend Duke-administered summer programs. Eligible students are limited to two summer sessions of financial aid, either on the Duke campus or on a Duke study abroad program. Duke students should contact the Office of Financial Aid or visit the website at http://www.finaid.duke.edu/. Non-Duke students should contact the financial aid office at their home institutions.

Are there any scholarships available for study away experiences?

Yes, Duke scholarships are available to Duke students for Duke administered summer programs.

Other semester and summer scholarships are available through external organizations that support study abroad.

In addition, several study abroad program providers offer funding to students attending their programs. You can take advantage of one or more of these funding opportunities.

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