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Health and Safety

What if my parents and I become nervous about my study abroad plans due to world events?

Each situation has its own circumstances, but for starters, please consult our World Situation Frequently Asked Questions, which includes information about study abroad program cancellation and/or withdrawal. We do not operate our own programs in areas under a US Department of State travel warning. If students insist on participating in a program in an area under a travel warning, they and their parents must sign a waiver indicating they have been advised not to and absolve Duke of any responsibility for their safety.

Are there any special requirements/suggestions for students with chronic medical or psychological problems?

Students should consult with their physicians, psychologists and counselors extensively regarding study abroad plans. They should also self disclose to the program administrators about their circumstances. This will allow the program administrators to appropriately assist the students. Students should also continue their prescribed medications while abroad, which may mean bringing a supply sufficient for the duration of their sojourn.

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    • Postcard from Abroad
    • Dear Global Education Office:

      Visiting China has been the most transformative experience of my life. Going into the summer, I was barely able to speak the language. I struggled to exchange money in the airport and had great difficulty arriving at my study abroad location. However, through my studies in this summer program, I gained the requisite language skills to effectively communicate my meaning in nearly any situation. There is still a long way to go, in fact, it could be argued that I have now learned enough to be able to truly see how far I have to go. However, this is a new challenge that I welcome with open arms, because in addition to flying out of the U.S. for the first time, I fell in love with a side of the world that few Americans ever get the chance to visit. For this, I am inordinately grateful and undoubtedly excited about what lies ahead of me. 

      -Timothy Blumberg

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