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Whether you are already faculty and staff involved with undergraduate global education at Duke or are thinking about developing a program, this section is for you.

You will find resources on the menu to the left that will assist you with promoting and advising for study abroad, how to submit recommendation letters for students, and how to submit ideas for new global programs.

For our overseas staff and faculty, you'll find a special section addressing your needs. For access, please contact the GEO-U.

if you have suggestions on resources that you'd like to see added to these pages.

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We publish a monthly email newsletter for academic advisors, faculty mentors, and a variety of other roles that are in a position to communicate information and advice about study abroad/away to students. 
Our goal is to share knowledge, tips, and stories about GEO that ultimately help you field and/or redirect students' questions with ease and confidence.

Newsletter Archive

March 2017 - Fall programs still accepting apps, 'Why It's Not a Semester Off,' Class of 2016 stats, student features (Daniel Lam, Cole Jenson), GEOReflects winners named

February 2017 - Summer and Fall '17 deadline reminders, summer programs with no pre-requisites, signatures on study away forms, recent panel discussions and re-entry events

November 2016 - Breakdown of summer study away programs (FL credits offered, US based programs, programs taught in English) plus Summer Research Fellowships. Featured: Duke in NY, Duke in Glasgow

October 2016 - GEO Brochure, Global Ed Student Committee, Pratt in Costa Rica, Duke in Chicago: Finance, Duke in Madrid report, Doug Huey Intro

Summer 2016 - Summer Program Schedule, 2015-16 Advising Report, Voting Abroad, Global Ed Fair 2016, Report from Summer Programs

April 2016 - Pre-Departure Orientations, Call for Newsletter Topics, 5 Reasons to Recommend a Domestic Program, World Situation FAQ, GEOReflects Contest Winners

March 2016 - Breakdown of Spring Deadlines, Difference Between GEO Advisors and Directors of Academic Engagement, Walk-In Advising at Pratt, Shawn Lenker Intro, Vote for People's Choice Photo

February 2016 - First-Year Students Can Study Away the Summer After the First Year at Duke, Deadlines for Summer and Fall Programs, 'The Black Experience Abroad: Duke Student Truths' Student Panel

    • Table Mountain and Cape Town
    • Table Mountain and Cape Town

  • Stone Sculptures