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    • Postcard from Abroad
    • Postcard from Abroad
    • Dear Global Education Office:

      This past summer I was given the unique opportunity of participating in the Duke in Flanders summer study abroad program. Under the guidance of Professor Hans J. Van Miegroet, we studied visual culture in the Greater Netherlands and its underlying historical and socioeconomic assumptions from the Late Medieval to the Early Modern period. We spent the first two weeks living in Amsterdam and traveling to nearby cities such as Haarlem and Utrecht, and then moved to Ghent, Belgium where we spent our final four weeks.

      Included in the program were visits to major museums, sites, private collections, a critical introduction to research strategies, and discussion sessions with leading scholars in the art history field such as Jan de Maere on art dealing and collecting. The academic experience I had under the guidance of Professor Van Miegroet was inspirational and furthered my excitement about my studies at Duke where I am currently a candidate for a Bachelor of Arts in International Comparative Studies. My focus is in Art History and I will also minor in Spanish.

      I am spending the fall semester in New York City as a participant in the Duke in New York Arts & Media Program. The educational experiences I had this past summer inspired me to consider art business as a potential profession. I am currently an intern at Christie's, the worlds leading art business, in the Old Masters and 19th Century Department. I am incredibly thankful for having the opportunity to participate in the Duke in Flanders program as I have developed a passion and interest in a field I'm not sure I would have discovered otherwise.

      This photo was taken in Ghent during the Ghent Music Festival-one of the biggest international music festivals in Europe.

      -Anna Ruddle

  • Stone Sculptures