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Summer Programs

Duke in Alaska: Duke’s Department of Biology and Global Education Office for Undergraduates (GEO) offer a four-week, one-course program focusing on the major-biomes, conservation issues, and human-environment interactions of Alaska. Alaska offers an outstanding venue for integrating science and the humanities.  Students on the program will spend time in and gain familiarity with three major environmental regions within the state: temperate rainforest of the southeastern Alaskan panhandle, the boreal forest as represented around Anchorage, and the Arctic tundra of the North Slope north of Fairbanks.

Duke in Chicago Arts Entrepreneurship is a six-week, two course credit term 2 summer program for entrepreneurs who love the arts and for artists who want to become entrepreneurial. Through meetings, internships, mentorships, and site visits with prominent individuals in arts-related fields, students will gain valuable knowledge of how arts entrepreneurs have shaped the development of Chicago’s unique theater, music, dance, visual arts, and comedy scene.

Duke in Chicago Finance is a four week, one course program geared towards students with career interests in finance and business. The Duke Global Education Office for Undergraduates (GEO) administers the program in conjunction with the Duke Financial Economics Center and the Duke University Economics Department.

In addition to in-class lectures, discussion, and projects, the core learning opportunities will include guest lectures, mainly by Duke alumni working in finance and business in the Chicago area, and visits to financial firms as well as historical and cultural sites.

Duke in New York Summer Internships in the City is an eleven  week program for students who wish to intern in NYC and receive course credit. In addition to an  internship in an arts and/or media field, students complete a Summer Session I seminar taught by Duke faculty.

Students live in NYU housing and attend weekly events, including Broadway and off-Broadway plays, musical performances, and museum tours. They receive monthly, unlimited-ride subway passes and a museum pass that gives them access to NYC’s finest museums. The program is offered every summer and is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors of all majors.

Duke in Silicon Valley: Duke University’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center and Global Education Office for Undergraduates (GEO), in conjunction with Duke’s Trinity College of Arts & Sciences and Pratt School of Engineering, offer a four-week, one-course program in northern California’s Silicon Valley. Situating students in the nation’s hub for innovative enterprise, the program is designed to give them an intensive course experience in the creation of a new venture, both commercial and social.

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