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HISTORY 390A-06 (100J) (CCI, CZ): Perestroika in 19th and 20th Century Russia. Focuses on the era from the fall of Kiev to the reign of Catherine the Great and the developments in 19th- and 20th-century Russia. Taught in Russian. (One course credit)

RUSSIAN 221A (115) (CCI, FL): Russian Language Studies in St. Petersburg. Russian grammar, composition and textual analysis. Explicit analysis of historical and contemporary cultural representations and texts in language, literature and the verbal arts. (One course credit)

RUSSIAN 222A (131) (ALP, CCI): Language, Culture, and Myth: The Slavic Proverb. The sources of the Slavic proverb, the proverb as microtext of national stereotypes, and its function in modern literature and culture. West, South, and East Slavic proverbs contrasted with other Indo-European language families. Theoretical aspects include explications of the relationship of language and culture and problems of translation. (One course credit)

RUSSIAN 223A (135A) (CCI, EI, FL, SS): Contemporary Russian Media. Study of Russian language, stylistics, and culture through journals and newspapers; work will include TV and print research outside of class. (One course credit)

Additional Notes

Students in a wide range of disciplines and majors (history, political science, sociology, religion, for example), as well as Russian majors, will find this program especially interesting and useful.

A faculty member of St. Petersburg State University serves as resident director of the program and is available for assistance at any time. The university provides an array of services to students.

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