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Program Overview

Based in St. Petersburg, the home of famous scientists and writers like Mendeleev, Pavlov, Dostoevsky, Blok, Zoshchenko, and Zamiatin, students will have the opportunity to come to know the city from a variety of cultural, intellectual, and social perspectives.

The program offers an excellent opportunity to study the rich Russian culture, civilization, and language of Tolstoy, Chekhov, Dostoyevsky, and Pushkin. Offered in cooperation with St. Petersburg State University, the program is available in both fall and spring. A summer program is available as well.

The academic program consists of four intensive courses in Russian language, culture, history, and media taught by Russian faculty from St. Petersburg State University, one of Russia’s oldest and preeminent universities. Classes are held in the University’s Center for Russian Language and Culture, which is housed in the historic Smolny Institute.

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