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ICCS operates two semesters each academic year, one from early September to mid-December, the other from late-January to the mid-May (there are 7-14 days of breaks each term). Please see calendars below.

For reference, you can find the Duke campus academic calendar here.


September 3-4 Arrival of students at the Center
September 7 First day of classes
September 18 Last day to change courses
October 10-18 Field trip to Sicily
October 18-25 Fall break
October 26 Classes resume
November 14-21   Field trip to Campania
November 23 Classes resume
November 26 Thanksgiving dinner
December 11 Last day of classes
December 14 First day of exams
December 18 Last day of exams
December 20 Students MUST leave the Center by noon
December 23 Closing of the CENTER


January 7 Opening of the CENTER
January 28-29   Arrival of students at the Center
February 1 First day of classes
February 12 Last day to change courses
March 12-20 Field trip to Sicily
March 20-28 Spring break
March 29 Classes resume
April 9-16 Field trip to Campania
April 18 Classes resume
May 6 Last day of classes
May 9 First day of exams
May 13 Last day of exams
May 15 Students MUST leave the Center by noon
May 17 Arrival of summer programs

National Holidays Spring 2016:  March 27, May 1          


    • ICCS Student at Argrigento
    • ICCS Student at Argrigento

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