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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial aid: Duke students normally continue to receive their regular financial aid and scholarships for the ICCS Rome program.

Non-Duke students currently receiving federal financial aid and/or scholarships should consult with the financial aid office at their home institution before applying to ICCS to determine how much of their aid package can be applied to the program. You may need to submit a Consortium Agreement Form to Duke to facilitate the transfer of your aid.

Scholarships: The Benedetta and Giancarlo Galassi-Beria Scholarship Fund provides for students in need of financial support to study at ICCS. Scholarships have ranged from $500 to  $10,000. In recent years no student has had to forego a semester at the Centro because of the cost.

In order to be considered, students must submit the Financial Need Assessment Form, completed and signed by a financial aid officer from  the home institution, verifying eligibility and amount of need. Students applying for this scholarship must file a current FAFSA application at  their home institution.  The Financial Need Assessment Form must be submitted with the program application, by the application deadline.

The Managing Committee will make admissions decisions and then review scholarship applications.   Students are informed of scholarship awards within four weeks of the application deadline.

All information received from financial aid offices is kept strictly confidential and seen only by the Managing Committee and a limited number of staff in Duke University 's Global Education Office.

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