By Maja Islam

I can honestly say that the year that I spent at Duke University was not even close to what I imagined it would be – it was actually beyond anything I expected.

The wide range of academics from which I could choose any class I wanted helped me find numerous areas I was interested in, out of my field of study.

The diversity of the Duke community gave me the opportunity to spend time with people from various cultures, and learn how to align my own customs and routines with theirs.

The intense basketball games reminded me of how much I love that game, and gave me a taste of a school spirit that is much stronger from what I've ever experienced.

The remarkable reputation of the school that brought together many intellectuals and successful people to campus gave me the chance to talk to people I didn't even dream of meeting, like the Nobel prize winner Mohammed Yunus. 

Because of all of these beautiful experiences that I've had at Duke, the academic year was made a very memorable one for me. However, what I am sure I will always remember are the wonderful people that I had gotten to meet, and the friendships that I have made with people from all over the world. 

It was quite a ride, Duke! Thanks! 

Maja Islam
University of Zagreb, Croatia
Political Science