In all the following cases, students will be responsible for all non-recoverable costs associated with their enrollment in the program.

Duke-In Semester Programs

Voluntary Withdrawal from Duke-In Semester Programs

If students choose voluntarily to withdraw from a Duke-administered semester study away program, the following refund policy is in effect:

  • Any deposit made for a Duke-administered program is non-refundable.
  • In the case of withdrawal, any remaining paid tuition will be refunded in accordance with the Duke University refund policy:
    • Withdrawal before classes begin: Full tuition refunded.
    • Withdrawal during first or second week: 80% of tuition refunded.
    • Withdrawal during third, fourth, or fifth week: 60% of tuition refunded.
    • Withdrawal during sixth week: 20% of tuition refunded.
    • Withdrawal after six weeks: No tuition refunded.

See: Undergraduate Bulletin 2017-2018 (page 97) for the full policy.

Duke-In Summer Programs

Voluntary Withdrawal from Duke-In Summer Programs

If students choose voluntarily to withdraw from a Duke-administered summer study away Program, the following refund policy and schedule of cancellation fees is in effect:

Assuming a signed Participation Agreement is on file:

  • If the student withdraws by or on March 31, there is no penalty.
  • If the student withdraws April 1 or after, the student owes a cancellation fee of:
    • $1,500 for a one-course credit program.
    • $2,000 for a two-course credit program.
  • If the student withdraws on or after the start date of the program, there is no refund.

Duke-Approved Programs

Voluntary Withdrawal from Duke-Approved Programs

Should students withdraw from another sponsoring institution, its refund policy, if any, will apply.


Duke students asked to withdraw from Duke-In programs due to academic or disciplinary probation, suspension, or violation of the Duke Community Standard once a program is underway will not receive a refund. 

Likewise, if a student is asked to withdraw prior to the start of the program, they will lose their deposit. In the case of students on financial aid, the deposit amount will be charged to their Bursar’s account. 

Duke students asked to withdraw from Duke-Approved Programs for similar reasons are subject to the sponsoring institution’s refund policy.


Duke-In Programs

Cancellation of Duke-In Programs

In the unlikely event that Duke University needs to suspend or cancel a specific study abroad/away program, causing no academic credit to be awarded, full refunds will be made unless the cancellation is due to political, natural, technological, or other catastrophes beyond its control, in which case Duke University will be able to refund only uncommitted and recoverable funds. If Duke terminates a program early but makes arrangements for students to earn full or partial credit, the refund amount would reflect this. Whether or not credit would be awarded would depend on the particular program and when the suspension or cancellation would take place.

See the World Situation FAQ for a list of factors that inform a decision to suspend or cancel a program abroad.

Duke-Approved Programs

Cancellation of Duke-Approved Programs

Should another sponsoring institution cancel its program, its refund policy, if any, will apply.