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Preparing To Go

Discuss your plans to study abroad with your pre-major and major advisors. Research the options and determine how they fit into your academic plan at Duke.  Check out the "LibGuides" at the Duke Library for a wealth of information about various areas of the world and subjects of study. The library has a page of resources for those preparing to go abroad here.

Choose the program that best complements or contributes to your plan. Consider, too, other factors that may be affected by your decision: course sequencing, housing when you return, etc. For instance, if you study abroad during a fall semester it may be that your housing when you return in the spring is not your first choice.

    • Postcard from Abroad
    • Postcard from Abroad
    • Dear Office of Study Abroad:

      Buenos Aires is one of the most amazing cities in the world, with so many opportunities to explore Argentine culture. From paros (teaching strikes) to class lectures from the most influential Latin American scholars, every day in Buenos Aires is unique. I am taking classes in three different universities, ranging from small, private universities to the enormous, public Universidad de Buenos Aires (la UBA).

      Although the work load is comparable to Duke (if you make it so), I still have had time to explore Santiago, Chile and other parts of Argentina. Argentines are friendly, and although many people worry about keeping the Argentine accent, it's infectious!

      In this photo, I'm enjoying a warm summer day in front of one of Buenos Aires' most famous landmarks, a giant metal flower that opens and closes with the sun. It's winter here now, but the city is still alive with life.

      – Taylor Jardno

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