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Curricular Requirements and Transfer Credit Programs

No more than the maximum credit allowed for your program (check with a GEO advisor  when in doubt) may be applied toward the 34 course credits graduation requirement. However, all approved courses that you take abroad and successfully complete will appear on your Duke transcript and can be used to satisfy area of knowledge requirements. At your department's discretion, transfer courses taken abroad may be used to satisfy major and minor requirements. See your major department's website for more information. 

Effective Fall 2011, students will no longer be able to request Modes of Inquiry for post-matriculation domestic and study abroad transfer courses, with one exception: students may apply for the FL Mode of Inquiry (1) for foreign language courses taken in study abroad immersion settings, and (2) for less commonly taught language courses not offered at Duke, provided the student has a compelling reason and received permission from academic dean to use this language to satisfy the foreign language requirement. Please see the Trinity College website for details and the required request form. Note that since only two domestic transfer courses are allowed post-matriculation, this means that at least one of these will have to be at the 100-level or above.

Note also that all transfer courses may be still be approved with Areas of Knowledge.

When Duke University receives an official sealed transcript from your study abroad program, the Registrar will compare it with the Database of Approved Courses. The Registrar will award credit only for those courses that appear BOTH on the transcript and in the database. When the transcript and the database give different information regarding the course credit value (cc) for a particular course, you will receive the lesser amount of credit indicated. For example, if the course is approved at Duke as one (1) course credit (usually equivalent to three, four, or five semester-hours), but the transcript indicates that the course was two semester-hours, then the Registrar will transfer only one-half (0.5) course credit for the course. Likewise, if the transcript indicates that a course could count for two (2) course credits, but the course is approved at Duke for one (1) course credit, the Registrar will transfer only one (1) course credit for the course.

    • Postcard from Abroad
    • Postcard from Abroad
    • Dear Global Education Office:

      Queen Mary, University London, a direct enrollment option, provided a great opportunity to learn about British culture. Because the Duke relationship with Queen Mary is so well-established, I received direct transfer credit for the biology and economics courses I took. I shared a flat with amazing British roommates, and I had the opportunity to learn about England directly from them. I also learned a great deal about other countries' perceptions of the U.S. and of Americans.

      London is an amazing city. Although Queen Mary was not in central London, it was still close enough that I was able to see a great deal of the city. Free museums, great plays and musicals, and amazing architecture and historical sites inundate you with culture.

      Going to a school in London also provides a great opportunity to travel to other European countries. The cheap flights allowed my friends and I to travel to a new country almost every weekend. I know that I will continue to travel and take in everything I can from the world. Now that I have traversed Europe, my next conquest is traveling across the U.S.

      – Andrew Bouley

  • Machu Picchu