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All of us live in a world of increasingly interdependent nations and cultures, and you must be prepared to live and work in an international environment. While you can prepare in part through academic study and open debate at your home college, nothing can match direct experience.

An extended encounter with a foreign culture's different values and languages can teach us how to communicate across the barriers of custom, geography, and politics. Students who have studied abroad return with a deeper understanding of other peoples, of their own cultural background, of themselves, and of their place in the world.

From Duke Students

"This experience alone has further ignited my passion to advocate through business and policy for those that don’t have the means to do so for themselves."
-Justin Elliott, Duke in Geneva
"When I return to Duke this fall for my sophomore year, I will arrive with a widened understanding of the world and just how similar different cultures are. I am very interested in the idea of being able to go back to China to intern and work."
-Justin Rosenblum, Duke in China
"I have been learning the Spanish language for 12 years yet I have never used it outside the classroom. Duke in Spain gave me the opportunity to not only become more comfortable with the language but achieve fluency."
-Mathilde Ooi, Duke in Spain
"I was able to learn from two of the best professors that I’ve ever had, and I had the opportunity to interact with professionals in various sectors of finance, allowing me to get a first hand taste and putting me on track towards my career path."
-Richard Law, Duke in London - Finance
"This program was especially remarkable because of its highly mobile classroom. We were able to experience the rich and vibrant Australian fauna, flora, and culture in a way that most travelers would not have been able to experience."
-Jason Dinh, Duke in Australia
    • Excursion to Florence, Italy
    • Excursion to Florence, Italy

  • Goreme Open Air Museum