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  • Breakfast on the Farm

  • Dear Global Education Office:

    I spent my Christmas break working on a farm to pay for my stay in the south of France. The first thing we did on the farm each morning was to throw stale baguettes into the pastures. Alpacas, pigs, goats, chickens, ducks -- they all went crazy…

  • Credit: Rachel Freedman
  • Sunset Before High Tides

  • Happiness is not measured by what we earn, but how we earned it.

    Vision is not only about what we can see, but what we are willing to see and travel miles just to see it.

    The world is like a library, how much can you read? 


  • Credit: Florence Tesha
  • Major: Global Health and Chinese
  • Tags: Africa
  • Living the Coast

  • Dear Global Education Office,

    Zanzibar is one among the three small East African islands in the Indian ocean. In the evening, people gather together to play football and other traditional dances on the beach, while others prepare their boats for fishing. One doesn't even have to live in Zanzibar or be…

  • Credit: Florence Tesha
  • Major: Global Health and Chinese
  • Tags: Africa
  • My Lizzie McGuire Moment

  • Dear Global Education Office,

    Study abroad is an opportunity everyone should try and pursue. It's an opportunity to travel anywhere in the world in the prime of your years with a group of people your age. Yes, I got to see and experience many new places and cultures, but the highlight…

  • Credit: Daniella Ochoa
  • Major: Mechanical Engineering
  • Trip to the Great Wall

  • Dear Global Education Office:

    It was such an amazing experienece to visit the Great Wall. I've never actually been there in person, so I was very excited to go there even in the beginning of the Duke In China program. As such, we had great short trips to different places in…

  • Credit: Jin Oh
  • Major: ICS
  • Tags: China, Duke in China
  • Monte Sainte Victoire

  • "Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet. That’s why colour appears so entirely dramatic, to true painters. Look at mont Sainte-Victoire there. How it soars, how imperiously it thirsts for the sun… …For a long time I was quite unable to paint Sainte-Victoire; I had no idea…

  • Credit: Alaine Jacobs
  • Tags: Duke in Aix-en-Provence, France
  • Christ Church, Oxford

  • Dear Global Education Office:

    For 7 weeks, I was tutored in classical and contemporary political philosophy at New College.  We studied the works of Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Tocqueville, Mill, and Rawls.  Although, as an American, Locke’s and Rousseau’s discussions of freedom naturally hit close to home, I found myself most moved…

  • Credit: Harrison Ferlauto
  • Major: Biomedical Engineering
  • Tags: Duke in Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Justin Elliott's Studies in Geneva

  • Dear Global Education Office,

    I can still remember the feeling of standing inside of the World Trading Organization headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. My thoughts ranged from “wow, I feel really important” to “never could I have imagined an opportunity such as this.” This visit was just one of many, including our…

  • Credit: Justin Elliott
  • Major: Economics
  • Tags: Duke in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Thanks for everything

  • Dear Global Education Office:

    Visiting China has been the most transformative experience of my life. Going into the summer, I was barely able to speak the language. I struggled to exchange money in the airport and had great difficulty arriving at my study abroad location. However, through my studies in this…

  • Credit: Timothy Blumberg
  • Tags: China, Duke in China
  • Henry's Oxford Postcard

  • Dear Global Education Office,

    I spent this summer studying Modern British Political History at the University of Oxford in England. While challenging, the program's emphasis on individualistic learning and critical analysis immensely contributed to my intellectual skillset. Each week we had a lecture and a tutorial to attend outside of required…

  • Credit: Henry Washington Jr.
  • Major: English & AAAS
  • Tags: Duke in Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Lost in London

  • Dear Global Education Office,

    The highlight of the Duke in Oxford study abroad program was getting lost in London. We managed to stumble upon Big Ben (as pictured) and Buckingham Palace. Nevertheless, we were not lost for long, as strangers, people who no obligation to help us, not only supplied directions,…

  • Credit: Kristen Buehne
  • Major: Biology and Religion
  • Tags: Duke in Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Oxford From Above

  • Dear Global Education Office,

    The last week of the Duke in Oxford program, I ascended the New College Bell Tower--the Oxford equivalent of a Chapel Climb. From the top of the tower, the whole city was visible below. I was able to see the iconic Radcliffe Camera, where I had spent…

  • Credit: Haley Sullivan
  • Major: Neuroscience
  • Tags: Duke in Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Postcard from Abroad

  • Dear Global Education Office:

    This picture is from the day my Duke in China teachers brought my classmates and me to visit The Great Wall of China. We spent more than three hours trekking the impressive wall and taking in the breathtaking landscape around it. This trip, and my entire Duke…

  • Credit: Justin Rosenblum
  • Tags: China, Duke in China
  • Cowbells

  • Dear Global Education Office,

    My favorite sound is now officially the melody of Swiss cowbells. After hiking up Mont Salève (aka "Balcony of Geneva") after class one day, my friends and I were surprised to hear such a loud and seemingly out-of-place muted rumble of cowbells. We soon thereafter came upon…

  • Credit: Ashley Middleton
  • Major: Public Policy
  • Tags: Duke in Geneva, Switzerland
  • They speak French in Canada?

  • Dear Global Education Office,

    This summer I spent the month of July in Québec, Canada with the Duke in Montréal program. Joining this program was a no-brainer for me, as it combined my French major and my Markets and Managements Certificate in a much more attractive summer climate than my native…

  • Credit: ZoĆ« Bakker
  • Major: French Studies
  • Tags: Canada, Duke in Montreal
  • Turkish Memoirs

  • Dear Global Education Office,

    I am so lucky that I had the opportunity to study in Turkey this summer. It was an incredible experience full of interesting sights, beautiful landscapes, and amazing people. 

    One of my highlights of the trip was the week we spent traveling the Turkish countryside visiting everything…

  • Credit: Alex Felix
  • Major: Political Science and Public Policy
  • Tags: Duke in Turkey, Turkey
  • Summer in China

  • Dear Global Education Office,

    This was one of my favorite moments in China. We visited Hangzhou Tea Village and hiked towards the top of the mountain. The Tea Village was so different from the rest of China that I had seen because it was not as densely populated. At this spot,…

  • Credit: Belex Cheng
  • Major: Psychology
  • Tags: China, Duke Neuroeconomics in China
  • Home: New College Grounds

  • Dear Global Education Office

    Duke in Oxford allowed me to satisfy all my childhood fantasies and literary pleasures. From visiting The Eagle and Child, the famous pub where J.R.R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis mused about their works over drinks, to visiting the cloisters of New College, where scenes from Harry…

  • Credit: Diana Ye
  • Major: Economics and Public Policy
  • Tags: Duke in Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Duke Down Under

  • Dear Global Education Office,

    Being in Australia for a month opened my eyes to the great natural beauty that surrounds us each and every day.  Without fail, there would be a new sight that would inspire a “wow” from somebody in the group every day.  The country radiates with awe-inspiring natural…

  • Credit: Jason Dinh
  • Major: Undecided
  • Tags: Australia, Duke in Australia
  • Big Ben

  • Dear Global Education Office:

    The Duke in London Finance program was one of the best experiences of my life.  Not only was it an astounding educational opportunity, but also an incredibly fun and fulfilling experience. I able to learn from two of the best professors that I’ve ever had, and I…

  • Credit: Richard Law
  • Major: Economics and Computer Science
  • Tags: Duke in London Finance, United Kingdom
  • Principe Pio - Madrid, Spain