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  • Postcard from Abroad

  • Dear Global Education Office:

    This photo was taken at last week's FC Barcelona v. Racing de Santander fútbol game. The game was held in Camp Nou - FC Barcelona's stadium. Camp Nou is the largest fútbol stadium in Europe, as it holds over 99,000 people!

    I am currently studying abroad in…

  • Credit: Katarzyna Truszkowska
  • Major: Economics
  • Tags: Barcelona, Spain
  • Postcard from Abroad

  • Dear Global Education Office:

    Here we are traveling again, this time on a weekend trip to a little pueblo in the countryside outside of Madrid. It's breathtakingly beautiful here, from the palace whose courtyard we're standing in, to the mountain vista behind us. This is one of the things I loved…

  • Credit: Valerie Vaughn
  • Tags: Barcelona, Cairo, Duke in Madrid, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Rome, Sevilla, Spain
  • Principe Pio - Madrid, Spain