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  • Underground Gallery

  • After a classy night out dining in Parisian restaurants, we decided to walk around and eventually found ourselves at the mouth of an abandoned tunnel off of an old metro station. We turned some corners and then our vision perception exploded with colorful stimuli surrounding us and extending into the further…

  • Credit: Jeanne Shi
  • Tags: Duke Neurohumanities in Paris, France
  • Beauty Everywhere

  • One of the best parts about my summer in Paris was living like a Parisian. I learned what it means to both navigate through a busy and aggressive city, and also still live for art. Despite being inside the fast pace of a major city, Parisians still see the beauty in…

  • Credit: Sophie Alman
  • Tags: Duke Neurohumanities in Paris, France
  • Parisian Adventures

  • Dear Global Education Office,

    The six weeks I spent studying neurohumanities in Paris were magical, exploratory and culturally unique. While my Parisian experience has ended, what I learned both in and out of the classroom remains with me, and undoubtedly will help me in the future. 

    In Paris I listened and…

  • Credit: Anna Lombardo
  • Tags: Duke Neurohumanities in Paris, France
  • More Than Meets the Eye

  • Ever since my youngest elementary school days, teachers and parents alike warned me to “never judge a book by its cover.” Their wise words remain with me to this day as I approach each new problem and experience as a complex, multi-faceted puzzle. This same approach held true during the Neurohumanities…

  • Credit: Cameron McKay
  • Tags: Duke Neurohumanities in Paris, France
  • Deep in Thought

  • While sitting in my Gothic Cathedrals class a year and a half ago – awed by the beautiful integration of aesthetic form and architectural function, I began making a list of all the beautiful European cathedrals I hoped to visit in my lifetime. That following summer, I had the privilege to…

  • Credit: Cameron McKay
  • Tags: Duke Neurohumanities in Paris, France
  • Duke Neurohumanities in Paris

  • Join us for this 6-week Duke Neurohumanities in Paris global education program, which brings a vertically integrated and international learning community into sustained dialogue to advance theorizations at the crossroads of humanities and neuroscience. The program takes place in Paris, France, one of the world's richest historical and cultural environments for…

  • Tags: Duke Neurohumanities in Paris, France, summer
  • Postcard From Abroad

  • Dear Global Education Office:

    This photo was taken at St. Emilion, which lies in the Aquitaine region of France. You can see some vines in the foreground and a spire of the monolithic church. St. Emilion is famous for its red wines, a tradition dating back to the 2nd century when…

  • Credit: Emily Du
  • Tags: Duke Neurohumanities in Paris, France
  • Principe Pio - Madrid, Spain