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  • Elephant Ride - Thailand

  • Kevin Autrey and Raf Cordero riding an elephant through the jungle in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. Kevin and Raf spent the Fall 2007 semester  studying at  James Cook Unviersity in Australia. Their semester ended in early mid-November, so they spent a month traveling to visit friends studying abroad in other countries before returning…
  • Credit: Daniel Piech
  • Tags: Thailand
  • Postcard from Abroad

  • Dear Global Education Office:

    As I studied the behaviors of African wildlife, I found the animals and the scenery captivating and unique. Seeing a cheetah hunt and lions mate were definitely highlights of my study abroad semester, but there was so much more to learn and experience in Tanzania.

    Living among…

  • Credit: Vanessa Thomas
  • Tags: Africa, Tanzania, Thailand
  • Principe Pio - Madrid, Spain