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  • A Midnight Cruise

  • Dear Office of Global Education,

    Studying abroad in St. Petersburg was an unforgettable experience. The classes themselves were interesting and informative, but the city itself became a teacher of incomparable value. Each day of exploration led to new discoveries and adventures. St. Petersburg, a city that is in every way a union of European and of Russian culture, invites you to look at both worlds from which it draws influence with a different perspective. And, to me, an experience that captured that feeling was a midnight boat cruise on the river Neva. After seeing the city during the day for a few weeks, going out to the middle of the city in the persistent twilight of the Northern summer, seeing the shores of the river lit up, and watching the famous bridges raise up for passing ships was a reminder that there is always a different perspective to look from, and always more to be discovered.

    -Noah Burrell

  • Credit: Noah Burrell
  • Major: Math and Computer Science
  • Tags: Duke in Russia, Russia
  • Principe Pio - Madrid, Spain