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  • Dear Global Education Office,

    Studying abroad with Duke in Oxford is a very worthwhile experience. I took a course called Science, Ethics, and Society, in which we studied and debated about various ethical issues. It was a precious experience to take a course in a collegiate university and be able to discuss my essay with my tutor in a one-to-two setting each week. But most importantly, the course sharpened my ability to construct arguments, to write effectively, and to engage in philosophical debates (a friend even noted my improvement in English fluency!). When I was not reading in the Bodleian Library or in the Radcliff Camera, I liked to spend my time absorbing fascinating information in one of the resourceful museums or go for a run to get to know Oxford better. I definitely fell in love with the place by the end of the program. The pub culture was also a refreshing experience to me: pubs are great places for people to have relaxing conversations, and people drink to enjoy the drink and not to get drunk. Oh, almost forgot everyone’s favorite day of the week – Wednesday! Why? Because we got to learn something interesting from a guest speaker, have a warm conversation with each other during the reception and indulge our palates with a very nice three-course dinner. Another bonus is that I made some really amazing friends from the program. Thank you, family and friends, for giving me this opportunity and making my time in Oxford wonderful and unforgettable.

    The photo was taken on July 14, a one-day excursion to London organized by the program, by Altamash Rafiq. 

    -Tiffany Ho

  • Credit: Tiffany Ho
  • Major: Computer Science
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  • Principe Pio - Madrid, Spain