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  • Postcard from Spain

  • Dear Global Education Office,

    This is a picture I took when my program took us to Mallorca for the weekend. This was the highlight of my time in Spain because it was the moment when we really bonded, and did so on the beaches of the Mediterranean. We traveled a lot during the program, all of which helped us understand Spain's culture more personally and more broadly. During my 6 weeks in Spain, I traveled to four different places with the DIS program and one, San Sebastian, on my own. Not only do I feel more confident speaking Spanish, but I feel that I've built relationships that will last—with my host family, with the people on my program, with Spain. This program helped me decide to be a Spanish minor, and really dig deep into Spanish culture. If I were to give someone advice for studying abroad, I’d say this: DO IT! You don’t have to go for a full semester, or you could go for more than one; just be open to being out of your comfort zone and embrace the experience because it’s one that you will never forget. 


  • Credit: Celia Kohler
  • Major: Psychology
  • Tags: Duke in Spain, Spain, summer
  • Principe Pio - Madrid, Spain