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  • Rooftops of San Jose

  • Dear Global Education Office:

    One of the highlights of my time in Costa Rica was receiving a bird's eye view of the city of San Jose. This picture highlights the differences between my view of Costa Rica and the view out the window of my dorm at Duke. At the beginning of the trip, I attempted to minimize the cultural differences in Costa Rica. Through my interactions with my host family, I became aware of the less obvious differences which shape culture and sense of belonging. Music, art, and food are obvious parts of culture, but so are interactions between families, moral viewpoints, and social classes. Overall, my experience in Costa Rica has affected how I view and define other cultures, and I can't wait to return to Duke and apply my new knowledge to other classes!

    -Anna Balas

  • Credit: Anna Balas
  • Major: Environmental Science and Policy
  • Tags: Costa Rica, Duke in Costa Rica
  • Principe Pio - Madrid, Spain