Duke in China

Intensive Summer Language Program

Duke Study in China (DSIC) was inaugurated in 1982. It is one of the longest-running credit-granting programs in China administered by an American university. The program offers an intensive (two credits for eight weeks of study) summer language program based in Beijing.

The eight-week Duke in China summer language program is based at the prestigious University of International Business and Economics in Beijing (UIBE). UIBE is located in the Chaoyang District of Beijing, which is convenient to downtown, and has a modern, well-designed, picturesque campus.

Rated as one of the top universities in China according to the Ministry of Education, UIBE, which was founded in 1951, is an academic institution with a reputation for excellence in teaching and research in the fields of international trade, business, and economics. UIBE has become a national first-rank multi-disciplinary comprehensive university in the fields of economics, finance, management, law teaching, and researches under the leadership of the Ministry of Education.

  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Term: Summer
  • Dates: June 2 – July 29, 2017, June 2 – August 12, 2017 (internship opportunity)
  • Application Deadline: March 1
  • Academic Theme(s): Chinese Language, History and Culture
  • Credit Type: Duke Credit
  • Eligibility: Students are required to have the equivalent of one year of college-level Mandarin Chinese, a GPA of 3.0 or above and a grade of B- or above in all Chinese language classes prior to entering the program.
  • Duke Affiliation: The Asian/Pacific Studies Institute (APSI), in conjunction with Duke University's Global Education Office for Undergraduates, coordinates the Duke Study in China program.
  • Housing: UIBE Campus dormitory or optional Chinese host family
  • GEO Advisor: Alayne Wood
  • Academics
  • Internship Overview
  • Basic Internship Placement Process


Duke University awards credit equivalent to two semester-length courses for successful completion of the program. If you are not a Duke student please check with your university to see if these credits will be accepted and to find out about the process for transferring credits.

Each student will take one of the following Chinese courses which are equal to two semester-length courses.

Signature Course: 2 credits

Chinese 223A - 224A (111A - 111B)             
Intensive Progress in Chinese (Equivalent to 2nd year Chinese)

Text Used: A New China: Intermediate Reader of Modern Chinese

This course aims to deepen the students' knowledge of fundamental Chinese grammar as well as to develop productive skills in the written and spoken language on a range of topics at an intermediate level. Students will learn to read informational texts and extended narratives and write descriptive texts of their own. Students will then use these skills in practical situations outside the university, encouraging real-life understanding of different patterns of communication and social interaction.

Chinese 325A - 326A (112A - 112B)
Advanced Progress in Chinese (Equivalent to 3rd year Chinese)

Text Used: All Things Considered: Advanced Reader of Modern Chinese

This course continues the development of more advanced Chinese language skills. It further enhances the students’ competency and literacy in Chinese by exposure to wider vocabulary and more complex grammar. Students will expand the sophistication of their grammar usage and vocabulary and produce texts of greater length and complexity. Focusing on issues of social and cultural significance in China encourages a deepening of cultural literacy and interpretive skills. Maximum opportunity is given to put this knowledge to use in meaningful conversation and writing.

Chinese 427A - 428A (127A -­ 127B)
Intensive Advanced Chinese (Equivalent to 4th year Chinese)

Text used: The Routledge Advanced Chinese Multimedia Course Crossing Cultural Boundaries

This course provides an introduction to more complex vocabulary and syntax with special attention given to Chinese cultural and socio-political issues. The fine points of grammar, complex speech patterns, and idiomatic expressions are treated in depth, with emphasis on using these structures in composition and conversation. Students will also learn the social and historical background necessary to understand these cultural forms. Content for the course is drawn from newspaper articles, essays, literary excerpts, films, television, and websites.

Internship Overview

Internship Opportunity

Students interested in gaining firsthand work experience in China can participate in an optional non-credit bearing internship for 3 weeks after the 8-week Duke in China summer program. For more information, please visit our internships webpage.

Starting this summer, Duke in China will offer three-week internships in Beijing that will start immediately after the 8-week intensive language program. Duke University has partnered with CRCC Asia to offer students the opportunity to gain international internship experience and utilize their Chinese language skills in a professional environment. Through this internship, you will gain valuable professional skills for career development and achieve a cultural understanding of China and Chinese business practices. The internship will start on August 1st and end on August 24th. Students who participate in this 3 week internship program can leave China to return home on Thursday, August 25th at the earliest.

The following is a sample list of a variety of sectors where you can apply for an internship placement:

Green Technology
Media & Creative Industries

Below is a small sample of companies in Beijing:

Peony Capital Limited (Finance)
CSoft International (Marketing and PR)
Jane Goodall Institute in China (NGO/Charity)
Sysware (Engineering)
Creative Water Technology (Green Tech)
Oasis Healthcare (Healthcare)
BBC Worldwide (Media/Business)

Basic Internship Placement Process

Duke in China applicants should answer the internship questionnaire located in the online program application in My Global Ed.

Once you’re accepted to the Duke in China program, you are eligible for a CRCC internship. After being accepted to the program, e-mail a brief, 1-paragraph statement to Mary Lagdameo expressing why you are interested in a 3-week internship in China. The deadline to submit this statement is March 15. The following questions can help you craft your statement:

  1. What do you hope to gain through an internship in China?  Why China?
  2. Why do you think you are a suitable candidate for this internship program?
  3. What are your career goals?

From April 5-11, CRCC will contact you for a 30-minute phone interview. In this interview, CRCC will ask you questions in order to learn more about your internship interests in China, as well as your personal background and career goals. Please prepare well for this interview since it will be an important opportunity for you to communicate what you plan to achieve through an internship in Beijing. It is also important that you emphasize your goal to utilize your Chinese language skills at your internship.

CRCC will then decide on your placement in Beijing and notify you by June 13th.

  • Internship Program Fees and Housing
  • CRCC Alumni Network

Internship Program Fees and Housing

The cost of the internship program is $1,500USD plus dorm (approximately 100 yuan/day for 24 days, equivalent to $390 USD). Duke in China will assist to arrange your housing at UIBE. Total charges for the internship component will come to $1890.

Also plan on budgeting 100 yuan/day for meals (approximately $15 USD per day). Please note that funding from the Duke Financial Aid office will not be available for any students who enroll in the three-week internship program.

CRCC Alumni Network

Upon completion of your internship, you will become a member of the CRCC Asia Alumni Network and have access to a number of online network groups as well as funding opportunities.

For more information on alumni success stories, please visit the CRCC alumni webpage.


Estimates are based on previous years’ programs and the current exchange rate. All costs are subject to change. 

Summer 2017

  Duke Students Non-Duke Students
Tuition $6,582.00 $6,582.00
Program Fee $750.00 $750.00
Transcript Fee N/A $40.00
Other Costs Other Costs Other Costs
TOTAL (Estimated) $7,332.00 $7,372.00



Each summer, program participants enjoy a full complement of excursions, both day trips and extended trips, all included in the cost of the program. Excursions include transportation, guided tours, most meals, and lodging for overnight trips. Below are some possible group excursions with Duke in China.

The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City is the world's largest and best-preserved imperial palace complex. Surrounded by a moat that is six meters deep and a ten-meter high wall, the palace contains 9,999 rooms.

Beihai Park

Beihai Park was probably built by the Great Khan centuries earlier than the Forbidden City. This park was enjoyed by the various rulers of China for hundreds of years and features pavilions and architecturally interesting walkways.

The Summer Palace

The Summer Palace is a famous classic imperial garden with northern floristry skillfully blended into the exquisite delicacy of the southern gardening.

Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square is not only the symbol of Beijing but also the symbol of China. This immense courtyard is the site of many historic events.

The Great Wall

The Great Wall is one of the seven wonders of the world.

Program Staff

Xia  Liang 

Senior Lecturer at Washington University

Lead teachers:

Fan Liu

Senior Lecturer of Chinese, Yale University

Tianshu He

Lecturer in the Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Duke Study in China Program Contact

For further questions, comments, and requests for more information, please contact Mary Lagdameo or Debbie Hunt, using the contact information below.

Asian/Pacific Studies Institute
Duke University
John Hope Franklin Center
2204 Erwin Road
Box 90411
Durham, NC 27708-0411
Telephone: (919) 684-2604
Fax: (919) 681-7966
E-mail: china-abroad@duke.edu

Global Education Office Contact

Paul Paparella, Assistant Director/GEO Program Manager
Global Education Office for Undergraduates
Smith Warehouse, Bay 6, 2nd Floor
Phone: (919) 684-2174
Fax: (919) 684-3083
E-mail: paul.paparella@duke.edu


Apply Now

Applications must be submitted no later than February 1, 2017—Students applying to the Duke in China summer 2017 program should submit the following to the Global Education Office:

  1. Online Application, including the following supplemental materials:
  2. Language Instructor Recommendation (download form from the online app; should be submitted as a hard copy—CANNOT be submitted online)
  3. Project GO applicants must also submit a recommendation letter from their ROTC commander.
  4. Complete and Official transcript(s) from all colleges or universities attended and of institution presently attending, fall grades of the current year included
  5. Personal Statement
  6. Additional pre-acceptance application materials such as a Chinese audio file, writing sample and a 'Home College/University Approval Form' are required for non-Duke student applicants. See Information below for more details. Instructions are also provided for non-Duke student applicants on the GEO application system ('My Global Ed')