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Duke Intensive Spanish in Alicante

Important Note: The Application Deadline for this Program is December 2nd. See Application Process for more details.

Summer 2017: May 19-July 1

Duke’s intensive language institute for elementary and intermediate level Spanish students takes place in Alicante, Spain. Alicante’s rich culture is attributable to the importance of its port throughout history. The picturesque Mediterranean architecture is complemented by Roman and Arabic influences. Today it is the eighth largest city in Spain and a popular area for tourism.

In addition to coursework and cultural workshops in Alicante, students will enjoy spending time on the beaches of the Costa Blanca, visiting Valencia for one day, and traveling on two long-weekend trips; possible locations for these trips include Madrid/Toldeo and Granada. This immersion experience will enrich the student’s linguistic and cultural knowledge while providing opportunities to improve spoken Spanish skills.

    • Las Hogueras
    • Postcard from Abroad
    • Dear Global Education Office:

      The last week of Alicante stood out as the most memorable period of my experience in Spain. Las Hogueras de San Juan – the Bonfires of Saint John – is one of the most important events in Alicante's cultural calendar and is one of the most popular festivals in all of Spain. The inauguration of the festivals begins on evening of June 20th, lasting for five days. Floats such as the ones in this photo populate the city of Alicante throughout the week, and on midnight of June 24th, the floats are burned.

      The week of the Hogueras was therefore a central part of my cultural experience in Spain. Never have I visited a setting where such an important traditional festival has lasted for more than one day. This celebration demonstrates the strong cultural atmosphere in Spain, which is a sharp contrast to the cultural setting in the U.S. It was one of the moments in which I felt most immersed within the Spanish culture.

      -Michelle Dalson

  • seasonal festival in Alicante