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Duke in Geneva Globalization: Issues in Management and Political Philosophy

July 1 to August 12, 2017

* See the Program Schedule page for a more detailed itinerary, including information regarding travel to and from the program site.

The Global Education Office for Undergraduates, the Markets and Management Studies Program and the Philosophy Department of Duke University offer a six-week, two-course summer program in Geneva, Switzerland entitled, “Globalization: Issues in International Business and Political Philosophy” under the direction of Professors Alex Rosenberg and Martha Reeves.

Home to a hundred multinational businesses, the European base of the United Nations (UN) and of all the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which deal with it, Geneva provides a relevant location in which to study both the character and practice of international business and its impact on global issues of human rights, ecological protection, disarmament, and economic development.

Situated on the shores of beautiful Lake Geneva, the city of Geneva is famous as one of the centers of the Reformation, and since the 19th century the diplomatic focal point of Europe. Its Palace of Nations was first home to the post World War I League of Nations and since 1945 to the European headquarters of the United Nations. Geneva is the gateway to the French, Swiss, and Italian Alps. Mont Blanc and the high Alps are a short train journey from Geneva. Paris, Munich, and Venice are only a few hours away. Geneva is truly an international city in which French, German, Italian, and English are equally familiar as languages and accents.

Internship Opportunity

Duke in Geneva provides the opportunity for selected undergraduates or graduating seniors to participate in the Duke Program on Global Policy and Governance in Geneva the following summer. This program offered by the Sanford School prepares students to examine policy and institutional issues at the heart of global governance through an intensive course and internship opportunities in Geneva-based international agencies, NGOs, and government organizations.

Duke in Geneva’s program directors will make nominations based on the interests and performance of participants.

For more information about Duke Program on Global Policy and Governance in Geneva visit: http://graduate.sanford.duke.edu/geneva

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    • Postcard from Abroad
    • Postcard from Abroad
    • Dear Global Education Office:

      Duke in Geneva, simply put, was an unforgettable experience. Geneva's reputation as a global city provided countless opportunities to visit international NGOs such the United Nations, WTO, and ILO, as a way to expand upon my knowledge of international business. Additionally, its prime location in the middle of Europe permitted incredible opportunities to travel around and fully experience Europe. Throughout my six weeks with Duke in Geneva, I was fortunate to be able to visit the gorgeous cities of Paris, Venice, Berlin, Prague, and Amsterdam.

      From gondola rides in Venice to morning runs along the Berlin wall to champagne cruises on the Seine River by the Eiffel Tower, I was able to soak up a variety of cultures and their histories to an amazing extent. My newfound appreciation of travel has altered my career goals. Ideally, I would like to perform business abroad in the future and have the opportunity to experience additional cultures around the world.

      I highly recommend all students to participate in some form of study abroad during their undergraduate years at Duke University - you'll wish it never came to an end!

      - Vadim Leonov

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