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Duke in Paris: French Language, Culture and Literature

May 16 to June 28, 2017*

*2017 Itinerary not yet available

* See the Program Schedule page for the 2016 itinerary, including information regarding travel to and from the program site.

The Department of Romance Studies and the Global Education Office for Undergraduates (GEO) of Duke University offer a six-week, two-course program in French culture, literature, and language. The session takes place in Paris but also includes a variety of excursions, as well as two weekend trips to the South of France (Lyon and Provence). The program is directed by Dr. Christelle Gonthier of Duke’s Department of Romance Studies.

A “museum without walls”, Paris has sparked the intellectual imagination of artists, writers, and students for centuries. By immersing students in the world of contemporary Paris, this intensive program offers unique insight into France’s historical, literary, and cultural traditions. In addition to studying classical and contemporary works, students participate in weekly cultural activities where they perfect their French in the context of everyday life. Using the city as an extension of the classroom, they visit musées, théâtres, cafés, and quartiers recorded in the cultural texts that they study. Students on this program gain a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the geography, history, and people that make up the ‘City of Light’.

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