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Duke in Spain

May 16 to June 27, 2017*

* See the Program Schedule page for a more detailed itinerary, including information regarding travel to and from the program site.

The Duke in Spain summer program, hosted in the capital city of Madrid, is designed to offer its participants an introduction to the history and culture of Spain through a combination of course work, lectures, visits to cities, villages, and landscapes, and other on-site experiences (flamenco events, concerts, nightlife, gastronomic experimentation). It also provides an ideal opportunity to hear and speak Spanish in a number of cultural environments. Academic guidance is provided by Duke Department of Romance Studies Visiting Assistant Professor, Marcos Canteli Vigón. In addition, Spanish professors and lecturers will expose participants to a rigorous understanding of the unique historical experience of Spain both in its imperial history and as a modern nation. Special attention will be paid to examining the cultural ties of Spain with Europe. 

Class instruction complements other program activities that include overnight trips to other cities and areas of Spain (please see course descriptions below); guided visits to the Prado and other museums such as Reina Sofía; attendance to Spanish theatre and flamenco shows; tours of Asturias, Córdoba, Toledo and Segovia; cultural walks through Madrid (to the Retiro Gardens, the Austrian and Bourbon quarters; Malasaña); a visit to Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and Museum, etc. Students will also be encouraged and given guidance to travel in small groups to areas not already covered in general program activities.

Marcos Canteli-Vigón, Director

    • Postcard from Abroad
    • Postcard from Abroad
    • Dear Global Education Office:

      In Spain, I knocked on the door of fluency, and was almost let in. I argued with Cervantes (he won). I attempted communication with grocers, street musicians, homeless people. I learned to crave gazpacho at every hour of the day. Traveling, it seems, is not just about visiting a place. It is about the mistakes you make, the boundaries you bump up against, and the growing realization that where ever you are, you have a lot of learning to do. What a joy it is to experience the world this way!

      -Rosa La Cerva

  • Bullfight Procession in Spain