Host Mom, New Friend: Madison Mastrangelo

student in Paris

Une partie de mon cœur reste à Paris. Part of my heart stays in Paris.

Through Duke in Paris, I spent an incredible six weeks living like a Parisian and improving my French. I never imagined that Paris would become similar to another home or that I would find my niche in the city. After my trip, I could navigate the metro easily, communicate in French without hesitation, and describe some of my favorite spots and “hidden gems” in Paris.

One of the highlights of Duke in Paris was the opportunity to live with a host family. 

Not only did my host mom help me with French, she became a good friend, and I always looked forward to our dinners and daily conversations. Before arriving in Paris, I did not anticipate that living with a homestay would play such an integral role in my study abroad experience. I still keep in touch with my host mom, and I am excited to visit her when I return to Paris in the future.

My six weeks in Paris ignited a desire to travel and to become fluent in French. It is hard to believe how much my French improved over six weeks, and I hope that I will be fluent in French after more French classes and travel (fingers crossed!). 

If you are thinking about studying abroad, I would definitely recommend taking the leap: You will make incredible friends, immerse yourself in a new culture, become more independent, and have so much fun.

Madison Mastrangelo 

Duke in Paris, Summer 2016