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Program Recommendations by Major

Find Study Away Programs Based on Your Academic Interests

Are you looking for a study away experience with an emphasis on courses in your major? GEO advisors have compiled the following list of programs/universities to get you started. Download the sheet for your major for a quick guide to summer and semester programs – both Duke-In and Duke-Approved – that GEO recommends for you. 

Download the sheet for your major, minor, or certificate:

Art History & Visual Media Studies



Computer Science

Cultural Anthropology



Environmental Science & Policy

Global Health


Markets & Management Studies



Political Science

Psychology & Neuroscience

Public Policy

Religious Studies


Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that all courses offered on these programs/universities will count towards your major, minor, or certificate, but GEO advisors can help you determine the right program based on your academic goals and assist with the transfer credit approval process.


What Options Do I Have for Fall Study Abroad/Away?

The deadlines for fall study abroad/away can be confusing around this time of year, especially if you are just beginning to research the options. The good news is you do have options! Find out what you can do now in order to have your plans lined up in time for Fall 2018. 

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Back to Back: How I Studied Abroad Twice in the Same Summer

By Tiffany de Guzman

In the summer after her sophomore year at Duke, Tiffany de Guzman ('19) did two Duke-In summer programs: Duke in Bologna and Duke in Oxford. We asked her to share what motivated her to tackle four credits in one summer and what advice she has for others considering doing the same. 

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Summer 2018 Programs Accepting Applications

It's not too late! This list is updated regularly to indicate which summer 2018 Duke-In programs are still accepting applications. Students should continue to apply immediately, as program applications will close as spaces fill. 

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GEO Summer 2018 Duke-In Study Away Course Guide

Browse all 30 Duke-In summer study away programs available for summer 2018 and the corresponding academic features – credits, pre-reqs, and curricular codes – ALL IN ONE SPREADSHEET that you can sort, filter, and search. 

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Study Away Program Recommendations by Major

Use these guides to browse study away/abroad opportunities by major. Download the sheet for your major for a quick guide to summer and semester programs – both Duke-In and Duke-Approved – that GEO recommends for you. 

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New Programs for Summer 2018

Four new Duke-In study abroad programs will be offered for summer 2018: Duke in Chile, Duke in Cuba, Duke Middle East in Europe (based in Berlin, Germany), and Duke in Sri Lanka. Check out these new options for earning course credit all around the world!

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Study Away Myth Busters

Find out the top six things that people get wrong when sharing advice about study abroad/away, from finances to course credits to language requirements.

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Try on a New City for Credit

At GEO we believe you can have a global experience anywhere in the world, including right here in the U.S. The Duke Global Education Office administers a growing number of U.S.-based study away programs in iconic places such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., Alaska, and Silicon Valley.

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How To Choose a Study Away Program

When it comes to choosing a study away program, the array of options can be overwhelming. It might seem easier to follow friends’ recommendations, but study away is really about your own path. What are you looking for? What are your academic and personal goals? Here’s a list to get you started with evaluating your needs.

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