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International SOS (ISOS): Emergency & Travel Assistance Service

The wellbeing of student travelers is Duke’s top priority. To help safeguard university travelers, Duke has contracted with a travel assistance company called International SOS (ISOS), which provides emergency assistance and other services for all students studying abroad on Duke programs. Learn what services are offered and how to make the most of this benefit provided by Duke University.

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World Situation FAQ

The safety and security of Duke students studying abroad is the first priority for Duke University and the Global Education Office for Undergraduates (GEO). Thus, using information and analysis from sources including the U.S. Department of State, Duke’s international security and evacuation partner, International SOS, our on-site program contacts, and various domestic and international news agencies, we are constantly monitoring and assessing the security conditions in and around our study abroad sites.

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Supporting Your Student’s Study Away Experience

What positive steps can parents and families take to help their students stay safe and get the most from study abroad? GEO offers these tips for supporting your study away student.

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Handling Stress and Uncertainty—Both Your Student’s and Your Own!

Congratulations! Your student has chosen to participate in a study away program, a potentially pivotal experience in their intellectual and personal development. The journey will be filled with questions … and we think that’s OK.

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Finance FAQ for Parents & Families

Eliminate unwanted surprises when you understand how the bursar’s office will handle billing for your student’s term(s) on study away.

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