Duke in Paris

Host Mom, New Friend: Madison Mastrangelo

Une partie de mon cœur reste à Paris. Part of my heart stays in Paris.

Through Duke in Paris, I spent an incredible six weeks living like a Parisian and improving my French. I never imagined that Paris would become similar to another home or that I would find my niche in the city. After my trip, I could navigate the metro easily, communicate in French without hesitation, and describe some of my favorite spots and “hidden gems” in Paris.

One of the highlights of Duke in Paris was the opportunity to live with a host family. 

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Words That Don’t Translate: Flâner (French)—Brittany Wong

Pictured is a family rowing along the Lac Inférieur in Bois de Boulogne, one of the best of more than 400 parks and gardens throughout Paris. Although there are countless monuments and museums to see, I think one of the best aspects of the city is the abundance of green spaces. Originally a royal hunting ground before reinvention under Napoleon III in the 1850s, Bois de Boulogne remains one of Parisians’ favorite spots for a bucolic retreat without having to leave the limits of the metro system.

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Study Abroad in Paris Inspired My Senior Thesis and Plans for a Ph.D.

By Daniel Lam

I studied abroad during a year marked with several major moments in French history, including two violent attacks in the capital and one in Bataclan. I still remember my host dad reminding me that during hard times like this, though some people want to make religion or immigration the culprit, it is important to consider rights from wrongs and to stand together instead of to blame and divide.

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