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Through intercultural academic experiences, the Global Education Office for Undergraduates challenges students’ perspectives, expands self-awareness, and inspires lifelong global engagement.

Duke University is committed to providing an undergraduate education with a truly global perspective. All of us live in a world of increasingly interdependent nations and cultures, and you must be prepared to live and work in an international environment. While you can prepare in part through academic study and open debate at your home college, nothing can match direct experience.

An extended encounter with a foreign culture's different values and languages can teach us how to communicate across the barriers of custom, geography, and politics. Students who have studied abroad return with a deeper understanding of other peoples, of their own cultural background, of them­selves, and of their place in the world.

Duke's programs provide you with the structure for this personal and intellectual growth. We believe that the best possible study abroad experience offers students high caliber academics, a strong support system, and the chance to integrate intellectual inquiry into a mosaic of cultural and personal experiences. Studying abroad will change your life. This is true not only in terms of personal development, but in terms of your career. Many students have pursued new interests or made contacts overseas that have had unforeseen benefits later on. Whatever your future holds, the time you spend abroad will be an undeniable asset.

Look through this site carefully. Let yourself imagine how one of our programs might enhance your academic and personal growth. Then let us know how we can provide you with more detailed information and any other assistance you might need.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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