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OTS Semester in South Africa

South Africa's rich biological and cultural diversity makes it an exceptional location in which to examine issues related to ecology and conservation. Based in Kruger National Park, field study and research exercises will expose you to different types of savanna as you view the park's abundant wildlife.


BIOLOGY 284A/ ENVIRON 284A - South Africa Ecosystems & Diversity (NS, STS)

BIOLOGY 285LA/ ENVIRON 285LA - Field Research in Savanna Ecology (NS, R, W)

ENVIRON 281A - Conservation and Management of Protected Areas in South Africa  (CCI, SS)

HISTORY 390A-13 - History and Culture of South Africa (CZ, CCI)

Science courses will be taught by OTS faculty and distinguished visiting scientists. Prominent South African historians, artists, and cultural theorists will lead the course on History and Culture of South Africa. The program is physically and intellectually demanding, stressing full immersion in hands-on scientific and cultural studies.

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OTS South Africa Program

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    • South Africa Vista
    • South Africa Vista

    • Field Work in South Africa
    • Field Work in South Africa

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