Dr. Marcos Canteli Vigón

Duke in Madrid Resident Director

Dr. Marcos Canteli Vigón was born in Bimenes, Asturias, Spain. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish Philology from the University of Oviedo, and his Ph.D. from Duke University, with a dissertation entitled, TRANSITAR EL PARPADEO: SEIS POETAS ESPAÑOLES. He has been directing the Duke in Spain Summer Program and teaching for Duke in Madrid since 2009.

Dr. Canteli has published four books of poetry: Reunión(Barcelona: Icaria, 1999), enjambre (Madrid: Bartleby, 2003), su sombrío (Barcelona: DVD, 2005, XXXI Ciudad de Burgos International Poetry Award), and catálogo de incesantes(Madrid: Bartleby, 2008). He translated Robert Creeley’s Pieces[Pedazos] (Madrid: Bartleby, 2005), and Jack Kerouac’s Book of Haikus [Libro de jaikus] (Madrid: Bartleby, 2007). He is the editor of http://www.7de7.net (revista de escritura & poéticas) and of dandolavoz.blogspot.com.