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2018-2019 Global Ed Student Committee

Global Education Student Committee


The Global Education Student Committee (GESC) works with students on campus to make global education better. We are a group of students who have studied abroad and now want to help the Global Education Office by providing them with a student voice.


The student committee’s goals are to promote study away with our fellow Duke students and to keep study away alumni involved and engaged with their global experiences.

Member Roles

Co-Presidents plan and run Executive Board meetings and work closely with the Ambassadors, the Global Education Office, and students interested in study abroad/away to put on presentations for prospective students and facilitate global education on campus.

Executive Board members participate in at least two Global Education related events per semester and supervise Ambassadors in planning their own event or activity to promote study away.

Ambassadors answer prospective student questions and work with the Executive Board to plan and participate in one event per year that promotes study away. View the Study Away Ambassador Directory.

Apply for a position

  • The Executive Board application opens in March for the following school year. If you're interested in joining, email Abby Grubbs, GESC advisor.
  • We accept Ambassador applications at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters. If you are interested in joining outside those windows, please email Abby Grubbs, GESC advisor.


John Honeycutt

Howdy everyone! I’m John Honeycutt, and I am from a small town called Locust, North Carolina. I am double majoring in Public Policy and International Comparative Studies with a minor in Cultural Anthropology. I have always been interested in exploring the world and learning more through other perspectives. During my time at Duke, I was able to leave the country for the first time by studying Cuba after my freshman year. Last year, I spent my spring semester in Washington, DC, working in Congress and experiencing so many amazing things. As a small-town student, I understand the hesitations and barriers to studying abroad, so I am here to help. My study broad experience broadened my point of view, and I thank Duke for all these wonderful opportunities.

GEO Programs: Duke in Cuba, Duke in D.C.

Majors: Public Policy and International Comparative Studies

Minor: Cultural Anthropology


Sofia Molina

Hey y’all! I am a senior from western North Carolina. I’ve grown up all over Latin America and my childhood instilled in me a love for exploration that I continued at Duke. Spending my first college summer in the middle of an unfamiliar country turned into some of the most enriching weeks of my life. Duke in Chile’s immersive language program exposed me to a new culture, entrepreneurial communities, a wonderful host family, and countless valuable experiences – many of which helped me grow as an individual. Duke’s approved NYU Prague program allowed me to meet many American students alongside local Czech students, as well as explore Central Europe and its history through travel and local professors. The tolerance of and appreciation for diversity and different cultures that came from these experiences are themes that will continue to last with me. From creating lifelong connections with people from around the world to learning about new perspectives and ways of life, study abroad is sure to add so much more to your Duke experience in exceptional ways. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to reach out!

GEO Programs: Duke in Chile; NYU Prague

Major: Political Science

Minors: Education and Psychology



Clarice Hu

Hello! I am a senior from Rockville, Maryland. After studying in the UK during the fall of 2019, I want to increase my involvement in promoting global education at Duke. Though I didn’t have to learn a new language in London, I was still amazed and shocked by the many differences in culture and education in England. However, it was both challenging and exhilarating to explore and accustom myself to those differences. Additionally, as a student on the premed track, I wasn’t sure how studying abroad would fit into my academic plan, but I was actually able to fulfill both major and minor requirements at King’s College. I hope to be able to help you navigate the study abroad process because I truly believe that studying abroad is something that cannot be missed! Especially if you are premed and hesitant about studying abroad, please feel free to reach out! I would love to chat with you!

GEO Programs: King's College London

Major: Biology

Minors: Computer Science


Sydney Morrow

Hello! I am a senior from Washington, DC. I love to travel so studying abroad at Duke was always a desire of mine which I was finally able to fulfill last fall in Sydney, Australia (yes, Sydney in Sydney!). Arriving in a country on the opposite side of the world all alone was initially daunting but quickly became one of the most exceptional experiences of my life. I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in different cultures and meeting people from all over the world. My time aboard taught me a lot about myself, especially outside of the classroom, such as what it means to be a minority in other parts of the world. As a pre-health student, I understand the hesitation in studying abroad for pre-professional students. I want all students to be aware that at Duke it is entirely possible to go aboard while still fulfilling all your requirements. As a committee member, I am devoted to helping students find the program(s) that fit their interests and to connecting them with people/resources that can provide meaningful insight on the program experience. My hope is for students to find their home away from home, as I was able to. Studying abroad is an invaluable experience and if given the opportunity to do so at Duke, I encourage everybody to engage in it! Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or concerns!

GEO Programs: University of Sydney

Major: Neuroscience

Minors: Chemistry


Mason Shields

Hello! I am a senior from San Diego. I first studied abroad in the summer of 2018. After spending a life-changing 8 weeks in Berlin, I wanted to supplement that experience with an entire semester abroad. After reflecting on the academic, cultural, and social experiences that I wanted, I chose to spend my junior fall at the University of Hong Kong. Witnessing the Hong Kong protests firsthand shaped my perspective on global relations and also gave greater context to my political science major. Further, I was also able to forge bonds with people around the world through the game of basketball. Like many of you, I was worried about recruiting for summer internships while studying abroad, so I can offer advice on how to balance recruiting with the study abroad experience. I’d love to provide as much advice and inspiration as I can, so please do not hesitate to reach out!

GEO Programs: University of Hong Kong

Major: Political Science

Minor: Statistics


Helen Audrey Williams

Hey! I am a senior from Atlanta, GA. Growing up, I attended an international school where I was constantly surrounded by different cultures. This exposure led to my passion for exploring new and unfamiliar places. At Duke, I knew I wanted to nurture my global interests, but as a student-athlete, I was unsure of the best way to go about it. After my brief, but unforgettable, 4 weeks in Sri Lanka the summer of 2018, I knew I wanted more time abroad. Although my study abroad experiences have been quite different, they both have had pivotal impacts on my intercultural competence, career interests, and individual growth. Among my various Duke experiences, study abroad has definitely been a highlight, and I would love to help others have the same opportunities! I know how intimidating it can be to juggle the demands of being a student-athlete and the desire to study abroad, so please reach out!

GEO Programs: Duke in Sri Lanka, King's College London

Major: IDM (Biology & Public Policy)

Minors: Global Health


  • Ask Away Q and A with Duke students about study away

All of the Global Education Student Committee members are available for questions – feel free to reach out using the email address listed in their bios. You can also check out more resources for contacting alumni of study away programs on the Ask a Student page under Advising.