To constitute a full course load, undergraduate visiting international students at Duke University (Durham, North Carolina, U.S.A.) are required to enroll in four (4) full content courses per semester, valued at one course credit each on the Duke University scale.

According to the Duke University Registrar, one course credit at Duke has a suggested value of 4 semester credit hours on the more commonly used U.S. semester credit hour scale, making the suggested value of the undergraduate visiting international student’s required semester course load 16 semester credit hours.

Per our research and estimations, 4 course credits at Duke should be valued at 30 ECTS credits, with each course having a suggested value of 7.5 ECTS credits.

Transcript and Grade Reports

At the end of each semester, final grades are available for each student on the Duke ACES site. Students will need their Duke NetID's to access the information.

Official grades reports, called "transcripts," should be requested from the Duke University Office of the Registrar (see instructions). No one but the student is able to request transcripts, so each visiting student is responsible for requesting the necessary transcripts to comply with scholarship sponsors and home school regulations. At the time of admission to Duke, visiting students pay a one-time, lifetime fee; so no additional payment is due when requesting transcripts unless express service is requested.