Abigail Grubbs

Student Services Coordinator / GEO Advisor


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Abigail Grubbs has a B.A. in Latin American Studies and International Studies from Colby College and Masters in International Studies (M.I.S.) from North Carolina State University. As an undergraduate, she studied abroad for a semester in Santiago, Chile, then returned there to live for almost four years. Her interests include curriculum integration, the intersection of cultural adaptation and language learning, and increasing education abroad opportunities for underrepresented students. A native of Vermont, she currently lives in Hillsborough with her husband and their two pets: a dog named Nelly and a cat named Charlie. During her free time she enjoys reading, biking, going on walks, cooking, and gardening.

She joined GEO in 2014.

Primary Responsibilities: Advising for North and South America (except U.S.-based programs), Spain, Portugal, Africa, and Turkey; program management for Duke in Alicante (summer), Duke in Brazil (summer), Duke in Costa Rica (summer), and Duke in Montreal (summer); advisor for the Global Education Student Committee

Professional Interests: ALLY Trained, Language Learning, Re-entry Programming, Latin American culture and history, Spanish language