Italy Offers More Than Language Study

Programs in Venice & Rome Taught in English Focus on Art, History, Politics

For students seeking a summer study abroad program in Italy that does not require any pre-requisites or experience with a foreign language, Duke offers two choices in which courses are taught in English:

  • Duke in Rome (May 16 - June 16): Rome: History of the City, CLST 340A / ARTHIST 209A / HISTORY 238A (ALP, CCI, CZ) 1.0 credit.
    Discover and explore monuments and other material remains that embody ancient Roman history and culture, and reflect on the influence of the ancient Roman world on later periods of European history, literature, art, and architecture. For additional info, contact faculty director Ross Wagner, Application deadline extended to February 15.
  • Duke in Venice (June 6 - July 5): The Art of Politics and the Politics of the Arts: Music, Art, and Politics, ARTHIST 390A / HISTORY 390A / POLSCI 290A / PUBPOL 390A (ALP, SS) 1.0 credit.
    Explore examples of Northern Italian art and music in state-building, social and grass roots movements, and revolutions, as well as how political institutions supported and encouraged artistic creation and development. For additional info, contact faculty director Ken Rogerson, Application deadline extended to February 15.