Duke in Chicago – Finance

Experience Chicago’s unique finance scene through Duke alumni connections and coursework.

Duke in Chicago–Arts Entrepreneurship

Internship and coursework delving into Chicago’s unique visual and performing arts scene.

Duke in Alaska

Ecology and biodiversity: Biomes, conservation, and human-environment interactions

Duke in Alicante

Intensive Spanish: Earn credit for 2 semesters of language study in one 6-week summer session.

Duke in Venice

Study Venetian history and culture at the scenic VIU campus on San Servolo Island.

Duke in Spain

Advance towards fluency in Spanish through study of Spain’s contemporary culture, literature, and the visual arts.

Duke in Russia

3 Tracks: Global Russia, Neuroscience & Multilingualism, or Russian Language & Culture

Duke in Rome

Study Roman civilization and its role in shaping fundamental aspects of Western culture.

Duke in Paris

Study French culture, literature, and language in Paris with excursions to the South of France.

Duke in Oxford

Study modern British culture at England's oldest and one of its most venerable universities.

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