Duke in Australia

Biogeography, evolution, and culture studies in an Australian context.

Duke in the Arab World

Study the sociopolitical development of the modern Arab world.

Document details about a study away incident

Duke in Aix-en-Provence

Earn credit for French 203 and 204 in a 6-week summer session.

Always take a full course load equivalent to four Duke course credits.

Ensure study away transfer credits appear on your Duke transcript.

Courses must be approved before you'll earn transfer credit.

Understand which type of credit each program offers.

Discovering Cultural Differences in Food Science and Food Policy at CES Maastricht

By Quinn Steven

"I think that this proximity to their food is what inspires Europeans to be more vocal about their food systems and preferences.”

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My Semester in Dublin, Ireland, as a Mechanical Engineering Student

By David Talpalar

I knew when I decided to come to Dublin that I would be in a bustling city with great character. But what I could never have imagined was the relationships that I would make with the locals, the welcoming environment that I would be a part of, and the life in Ireland beyond simply the Dublin city centre. 

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