Finance FAQ for Parents & Families

How tuition, fees, and other charges are handled for study away

Eliminate unwanted surprises when you understand how the Bursar’s office will handle billing for your student’s term(s) on study away.

How do I tell Duke not to bill for housing, dining, etc. while my student is away?

We notify the Duke University Registrar, Housing, and Dining of student intentions to study abroad when we have all required forms in this office. Once we notify these offices of your student's plan to enroll in a study abroad program for the semester or academic year, the Bursar's Office will update your student's account to have charges removed.

What about campus post office box fees?

If your student has been issued a campus post office box, they will be charged rental for the semester. To avoid this charge, students should turn in their key to Postal Operations prior to the start of the semester.

What if the wrong charges appear on our bill?

If your student's bill lists tuition, dining, and housing charges, but your student will be enrolled in a semester or academic year study abroad program, please subtract these charges from the amount you pay.

On the flip side, understated tuition and/or fees may appear on the bill if your student's final study away paperwork had not been turned in and communicated to the Registrar before the bills were run. Verify that none of the charges owed for study away are missing from your bill.

What if my student has now decided not to study away?

Your student should communicate that decision to our office as soon as possible. Make sure your family is aware of the financial implications of withdrawing from a program. 


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