This section of the Student Experience blog is dedicated to advice and resources to help you prepare for your upcoming program.

International SOS (ISOS): Emergency & Travel Assistance Service

To help safeguard university travelers, Duke has contracted with a travel assistance company called International SOS (ISOS), which provides emergency assistance and other services for all students studying abroad on Duke programs. Learn what services are offered and how to make the most of this benefit provided by Duke University.

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Smart Things You Can Do To Avoid Unsafe Situations

Just like in the United States, it is important that you are vigilant and take commonsense precautions to safeguard yourself while on your study away program. Indeed, it may be even more important to be vigilant while studying abroad, as you may not know all of the nuances of your host country’s local laws and cultural norms. There are proactive steps you can take to help make sure you have a safe trip abroad.

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Summer Pre-Departure Checklist

Calling all list lovers! This list will walk you through everything you need to consider before you take off for your summer study away program.

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Absentee Voting

By Liz Brown

I am a junior studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am writing to tell you about ABSENTEE VOTING! In this post, I’ve listed some tips and helpful advice I picked up from registering absentee just a few weeks ago. 

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Laptop and Smartphone Security

It is easy to carry a laptop or smartphone around; but, unfortunately, it is just as easy for thieves to steal one. In the seconds it takes you to turn around to greet a friend in a coffee shop, a thief can pick up and make off with your valuables. Bottom line: You need to guard your laptop and phone as closely as you guard your wallet.

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Health & Wellness Topics You Probably Forgot About

This checklist will help you think about your health-related needs and take care of what needs attention before you depart. Things like what to pack, what to do if your routine medical visits falls during your time away, glasses and contacts, prescription medications, and immunizations, to name a few.

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