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Undergraduate Visiting International Students and Exchange Programs

Students admitted to the Undergraduate Visiting International Student Program join regular Duke University undergraduates in the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences or Pratt College of Engineering of Duke University as non-degree students for a period of one semester or one year. It is not possible to stay longer than one year, or to transfer to the four-year degree program at Duke.

Applicants should be full-time students of a university or college in their home country, usually in their second or third year of studies.

While here, Undergraduate Visiting International Students are treated as full-time students at Duke University. They take classes and examinations as home students do.

Visiting international students are limited to 4 academic courses plus one to two non-academic courses (e.g. physical education or house course) per semester. The academic year includes a fall and spring semester of four months each.

Visiting international students are limited to undergraduate courses and may not take classes in Duke's graduate level professional schools such as Fuqua School of Business, the Law School, the Medical School, etc.

Students will only be able to enroll in university courses taught on the Duke campus in Durham, North Carolina during the academic year.

No financial aid or scholarships are available for the Undergraduate Visiting International Student Program.

Duke University

Duke University has its origins in 1838 with the founding of an educational academy in North Carolina. The academy was reorganized in 1851 and then again in 1859 to form Trinity College, a liberal arts college which was then moved to Durham, North Carolina.

In 1924 James B. Duke selected Trinity College as the recipient of a major fortune, which provided the endowment funds for a university organized around Trinity College and named for the Duke family.

The undergraduate portion of Duke University consists of two divisions: the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences and the Pratt School of Engineering. Approximately 6,100 students are enrolled within the undergraduate divisions of the university, most of them in them in Trinity College. Overall, the university boasts an undergraduate international population of approximately 7 %.

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Last revised: 27 June 2012

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