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    Make the most of your academic path, learn more about yourself, and experience authentic intercultural immersion when you study away.

  • Summer 2018 Application Open

    As of November 1, the application for summer Duke-In programs is open. Choose from 30 programs for 2018, including newly launched programs in Chile, Cuba, and Berlin.

At Duke, we believe the best international study abroad and U.S.-based study away programs deliver high caliber academics, a strong support system, and the chance to integrate intellectual inquiry into a mosaic of cultural and personal experiences. Whatever your future holds, the time you invest in study away will yield undeniable assets for achieving your goals. 

Student Experience Blog: Student Stories

Amazing Connections and Friendships in Just One Month

By Carter Lovvorn

The great thing about this program is that you get a full overview of the way the public health system works in a different country. You don’t have to be super into global health—there is a breadth of study and opportunity on the program. And you will still have plenty of time for activities with your host family and to explore Costa Rica!

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Student Experience Blog: Learn More

GEO Summer Cheat Sheet: Course Guide for 2018 Summer Duke-In Study Away Programs

Browse all 30 Duke-In summer study away programs available for summer 2018 and the corresponding academic features – credits, pre-reqs, and curricular codes – ALL IN ONE SPREADSHEET that you can sort, filter, and search.

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New for Summer '18: Programs in Chile, Cuba, Berlin, Sri Lanka

New Programs for Summer 2018

Four new Duke-In study abroad programs will be offered for summer 2018: Duke in Chile, Duke in Cuba, Duke Middle East in Europe (based in Berlin, Germany), and Duke in Sri Lanka. Check out these new options for earning course credit all around the world!

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Student Experience Blog: Student Stories

Study Abroad in Paris Inspired My Senior Thesis and Plans for a Ph.D.

By Daniel Lam

I studied abroad during a year marked with several major moments in French history, including two violent attacks in the capital and one in Bataclan. I still remember my host dad reminding me that during hard times like this, though some people want to make religion or immigration the culprit, it is important to consider rights from wrongs and to stand together instead of to blame and divide.

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Student Experience Blog: Student Stories

Au Revoir, Montréal

By Erin Butrico

I was always the nervous type. I relied on my twin for everything. I used to stand behind her when I was scared. I liked to eat the same food and stick to the same routine. Even though I’m 20 years old now, and I’ve lived without my family for two years at Duke, I was still very nervous when my mom left me for this program. It was the first time that I was living in a city. I had never met these girls before. My French was mediocre. I felt very alone. 


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Student Experience Blog: Student Stories

My Study Abroad Path: Duke in China

By Tarela Osuobeni

I wanted to expedite my Mandarin language study in order to achieve proficiency. My global advisor explained that Duke in China was the best way to do so. Within my political science major, I became interested in learning about China’s global standing in the world but felt I wanted to see the nation for myself.


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Student Experience Blog: Student Stories

Spring in Berlin: On classes, host family, and friends

By Zoey Zou

I am a Chinese national, and I went to high school in Singapore. I knew coming into Duke that I wanted to study abroad somewhere and I wanted to learn a new language. Duke in Berlin allowed beginners and, compared to other programs, that was unique.

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For any major and every interest, there’s a study away program that matches your needs. Whether you have experience with a foreign language or not, you can earn course credit in subjects like engineering, economics, public policy, biology, history, and computer science, just to name a few.

{"Africa":{"slug":"africa","map":"\/sites\/globaled.duke.edu\/themes\/dukegeo\/images\/map_africa.png","map_selected":"\/sites\/globaled.duke.edu\/themes\/dukegeo\/images\/maps\/africa_selected.png","position":"top:54%;left:50%","programs":[],"content":"<h1><strong>3 Programs in this Area <\/strong><\/h1>\r\n\r\n<p>Duke in the Arab World<br \/>\r\nDuke in Ghana<br \/>\r\nOTS South Africa - African Ecology and Conservation<br \/>\r\n<a href=\"\/programs\/search?t=&amp;m=&amp;l=&amp;r=17\">See All<\/a><\/p>\r\n"},"South America":{"slug":"south_america","map":"\/sites\/globaled.duke.edu\/themes\/dukegeo\/images\/map_south_america.png","map_selected":"\/sites\/globaled.duke.edu\/themes\/dukegeo\/images\/maps\/south_america_selected.png","position":"top:66%;left:29%","programs":[],"content":"<h1><strong>2 Programs in this Area <\/strong><\/h1>\r\n\r\n<p>Duke in Brazil<br \/>\r\nDuke in Chile<br \/>\r\n<a href=\"programs\/search?t=&amp;m=&amp;l=&amp;r=88\">See All<\/a><\/p>\r\n"},"North America":{"slug":"north_america","map":"\/sites\/globaled.duke.edu\/themes\/dukegeo\/images\/map_north_america.png","map_selected":"\/sites\/globaled.duke.edu\/themes\/dukegeo\/images\/maps\/north_america_selected.png","position":"top:40%;left:19%","programs":[],"content":"<h1><strong>16 Programs in this Area <\/strong><\/h1>\r\n\r\n<p>Duke in Silicon Valley<br \/>\r\nDuke in L.A.<br \/>\r\nDuke in New York - Financial Markets and Institutions&nbsp;<br \/>\r\nDuke in Costa Rica<br \/>\r\nDuke in Cuba<br \/>\r\n<a href=\"programs\/search?t=&amp;m=&amp;l=&amp;r=87\">See All<\/a><\/p>\r\n"},"Europe":{"slug":"europe","map":"\/sites\/globaled.duke.edu\/themes\/dukegeo\/images\/map_europe.png","map_selected":"\/sites\/globaled.duke.edu\/themes\/dukegeo\/images\/maps\/europe_selected.png","position":"top:32%;left:56%","programs":[],"content":"<h1><strong>24 Programs in this Area <\/strong><\/h1>\r\n\r\n<p>Duke in Berlin<br \/>\r\nDuke in Glasgow<br \/>\r\nDuke in Greece<br \/>\r\nDuke in Paris<br \/>\r\nDuke Middle East in Europe<br \/>\r\n<a href=\"programs\/search?t=&amp;m=&amp;l=&amp;r=86\">See All<\/a><\/p>\r\n"},"Asia":{"slug":"asia","map":"\/sites\/globaled.duke.edu\/themes\/dukegeo\/images\/map_asia.png","map_selected":"\/sites\/globaled.duke.edu\/themes\/dukegeo\/images\/maps\/asia_selected.png","position":"top:40%;left:70%","programs":[],"content":"<h1><strong>4 Programs in this Area <\/strong><\/h1>\r\n\r\n<p>Duke in China<br \/>\r\nDuke Kunshan University<br \/>\r\nDuke in Sri Lanka<br \/>\r\n<a href=\"\/programs\/search?t=&amp;m=&amp;l=&amp;r=18\">See All<\/a><\/p>\r\n"},"Australia":{"slug":"australia","map":"\/sites\/globaled.duke.edu\/themes\/dukegeo\/images\/map_australia.png","map_selected":"\/sites\/globaled.duke.edu\/themes\/dukegeo\/images\/maps\/australia_selected.png","position":"top:75%;left:80.5%","programs":[],"content":"<h1><strong>1 Program&nbsp;in this Area <\/strong><\/h1>\r\n\r\n<p>Duke in Australia<br \/>\r\n<a href=\"programs\/search?t=&amp;m=&amp;l=&amp;r=19\">See All<\/a><\/p>\r\n"}}


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