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Follow the link at the top of this page and use the advanced search features to find a study abroad program appropriate for you. You will be able to search for both Duke and Duke-approved programs based on a number of parameters such as country and language of instruction. At the bottom of the page you can indicate whether you would like the results sorted by program name, city, country, or region.

Before searching for a program, you might want to review the difference between Duke administered and Duke approved programs, which can be found on the Getting Started page.

Duke Administered Programs

Detailed information on all Duke administered programs is available by using the menu on left side of this page.

List of Non-Duke Administered Approved Programs

If you wish to see a complete list of all non-Duke administered approved programs, click the button above, or click here. Programs that are approved for the summer term are indicated with "summer" in parentheses next to the program name. Otherwise students should assume that a program is only approved for the semester or academic year.

Please note that students who register to study on programs administered by institutions other than Duke University will pay the tuition and fees of the administering university. Students will be subject to a study abroad fee payable to Duke University, to maintain a student's enrollment at Duke. More information is available here.

Direct Enroll vs. Provider Programs


Direct enroll study abroad programs are administered on-site by host institutions.  As a student on a direct enroll program, you will be admitted to the host university as an international student for a summer, semester, or academic year.  Through this process you will take classes as if you are enrolled as a degree-seeking student at the host institution.  If you participate in a Duke-approved direct enroll program, you will receive transfer credit and a transcript administered by the host university. 

Direct enroll programs encourage you to be independent, as they do not always provide the amount of support services you might be accustomed to in the United States.  This independence promotes immersion into the host culture and university community.  As an international student enrolled at a host institution you will have the opportunity to connect with students from around the globe.  You will either be housed with other international students and/or with students from the host community. 

Traditionally, direct enroll programs are less expensive than other study abroad options, but this varies by institution and location.  If you want to participate in a Duke-approved direct enroll program, you must apply to both the host institution and through the Duke Global Education Office.  Be mindful of direct enroll program deadlines, as they vary by program.


Companies and organizations that coordinate study abroad opportunities for students are often referred to as “third party providers” or just “providers”.  As a student on a provider program you will apply and be admitted to a program through an administering body.  Through some third party provider programs you will take classes at a host institution, but secure housing, participate in excursions, and receive support services through the study abroad provider.  Other third party providers are administered through U.S. institutions and offer their own classes in addition to housing, excursions, and support services.

Using a third party provider often gives you and your parents a peace of mind by having an extra layer of support while abroad.  Due to these additional support services, third party providers tend to be more expensive than direct enroll programs.  Provider programs can also be less immersive than direct enroll programs; however, there are a number of third party providers and they all operate differently.  Make sure to research the best fit program for your needs. 

Students who want to participate in Duke-approved third party provider programs will receive transfer credit and a transcript administered by either the third party provider or the host institution.  Students must apply to both the third party provider program and through the Duke Global Education Office.  Be mindful of provider program deadlines, as they vary by program.

Petition Programs

If a student is interested in a program that does not appear of the list of approved programs, s/he must meet with a study abroad advisor to discuss the viability of that program. Please consult the Contact Us page for a list of advisors and the regions for which they advise. Using the Advanced Search, students should search for the program named "Petition" and click "Apply Now" to start an advising application. For more information on the petition process click here.


To set up an advising appointment, make an appointment online. Alayne Wood advises for Europe (except Spain & UK), and Oceania. Carolyn Covalt advises for UK, Ireland, Middle East, Asia, and Domestic Programs.  Abigail Hall Grubbs advises for North & South America, Spain, Africa, Turkey, and general advising.

Duke University Marine Lab

The Duke University Marine Lab (DUML) offers undergraduate semester and summer courses onsite in Beaufort, NC. Several of the courses feature field work or short excursions abroad. Visit the DUML website for more information.

Domestic Exchange Programs

Trinity College has exchange programs with two domestic institutions: Howard University in Washington, DC, and Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. Duke students may study for a semester at either institution and enroll in a wide variety of courses, for which they will receive transfer credit at Duke. For more information about these programs, email program director, Sabrina Thomas, Ph.D, at or visit 011 Allen.
  • Duke/Howard Exchange Deadline: November 1 for spring term and April 1 for fall
  • Duke/Spelman Exchange Deadline: April 1 for both the fall and spring terms 


  • Jaisalmer, India