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    Select summer Duke-In programs are still accepting applications. View list of programs >

At Duke, we believe the best international study abroad and U.S.-based study away programs deliver high caliber academics, a strong support system, and the chance to integrate intellectual inquiry into a mosaic of cultural and personal experiences. Whatever your future holds, the time you invest in study away will yield undeniable assets for achieving your goals. 

New Updates! Select Duke-In Summer Programs still open

Summer 2018 Programs Accepting Applications

It's not too late! This list is updated regularly to indicate which summer 2018 Duke-In programs are still accepting applications. Students should continue to apply immediately, as programs will close applications as spaces fill. 

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Back to Back: How I Studied Abroad Twice in the Same Summer

By Tiffany de Guzman

In the summer after her sophomore year at Duke, Tiffany de Guzman ('19) did two Duke-In summer programs: Duke in Bologna and Duke in Oxford. We asked her to share what motivated her to tackle four credits in one summer and what advice she has for others considering doing the same. 

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Student Experience Blog: Learn More

GEO Summer 2018 Duke-In Study Away Course Guide

Browse all 30 Duke-In summer study away programs available for summer 2018 and the corresponding academic features – credits, pre-reqs, and curricular codes – ALL IN ONE SPREADSHEET that you can sort, filter, and search. 

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Enter to Win $300 for your photos of study away!

GEOReflects Contest

Enter by February 15 for a chance to win $300 for your study away photos! Through photography and short written pieces, GEOReflects encourages students to use their study away experience to develop a deeper understanding of other cultures and of themselves.  

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For any major and every interest, there’s a study away program that matches your needs. Whether you have experience with a foreign language or not, you can earn course credit in subjects like engineering, economics, public policy, biology, history, and computer science, just to name a few.

{"Africa":{"slug":"africa","map":"\/sites\/globaled.duke.edu\/themes\/dukegeo\/images\/map_africa.png","map_selected":"\/sites\/globaled.duke.edu\/themes\/dukegeo\/images\/maps\/africa_selected.png","position":"top:54%;left:50%","programs":[],"content":"<h1><strong>Programs in this Area <\/strong><\/h1>\r\n\r\n<p>Duke in the Arab World<br \/>\r\nDuke in Ghana<br \/>\r\n<a href=\"\/programs\/search?t=&amp;m=&amp;l=&amp;r=17\">More Info<\/a><\/p>\r\n"},"South America":{"slug":"south_america","map":"\/sites\/globaled.duke.edu\/themes\/dukegeo\/images\/map_south_america.png","map_selected":"\/sites\/globaled.duke.edu\/themes\/dukegeo\/images\/maps\/south_america_selected.png","position":"top:66%;left:29%","programs":[],"content":"<h1><strong>Programs in this Area <\/strong><\/h1>\r\n\r\n<p>Duke in Brazil<br \/>\r\nDuke in Chile<br \/>\r\n<a href=\"programs\/search?t=&amp;m=&amp;l=&amp;r=88\">More Info<\/a><\/p>\r\n"},"North America":{"slug":"north_america","map":"\/sites\/globaled.duke.edu\/themes\/dukegeo\/images\/map_north_america.png","map_selected":"\/sites\/globaled.duke.edu\/themes\/dukegeo\/images\/maps\/north_america_selected.png","position":"top:40%;left:19%","programs":[],"content":"<h1><strong>Programs in this Area <\/strong><\/h1>\r\n\r\n<p>Duke in Silicon Valley<br \/>\r\nDuke in L.A.<br \/>\r\nDuke in New York - Financial Markets and Institutions&nbsp;<br \/>\r\nDuke in Costa Rica<br \/>\r\nDuke in Cuba<br \/>\r\n<a href=\"programs\/search?t=&amp;m=&amp;l=&amp;r=87\">See All<\/a><\/p>\r\n"},"Europe":{"slug":"europe","map":"\/sites\/globaled.duke.edu\/themes\/dukegeo\/images\/map_europe.png","map_selected":"\/sites\/globaled.duke.edu\/themes\/dukegeo\/images\/maps\/europe_selected.png","position":"top:32%;left:56%","programs":[],"content":"<h1><strong>Programs in this Area <\/strong><\/h1>\r\n\r\n<p>Duke in Berlin<br \/>\r\nDuke in Glasgow<br \/>\r\nDuke in Greece<br \/>\r\nDuke in Paris<br \/>\r\nDuke Middle East in Europe<br \/>\r\n<a href=\"programs\/search?t=&amp;m=&amp;l=&amp;r=86\">See All<\/a><\/p>\r\n"},"Asia":{"slug":"asia","map":"\/sites\/globaled.duke.edu\/themes\/dukegeo\/images\/map_asia.png","map_selected":"\/sites\/globaled.duke.edu\/themes\/dukegeo\/images\/maps\/asia_selected.png","position":"top:40%;left:70%","programs":[],"content":"<h1><strong>Programs in this Area <\/strong><\/h1>\r\n\r\n<p>Duke in China<br \/>\r\nDuke Kunshan University<br \/>\r\nDuke in Sri Lanka<br \/>\r\n<a href=\"\/programs\/search?t=&amp;m=&amp;l=&amp;r=18\">More Info<\/a><\/p>\r\n"},"Australia":{"slug":"australia","map":"\/sites\/globaled.duke.edu\/themes\/dukegeo\/images\/map_australia.png","map_selected":"\/sites\/globaled.duke.edu\/themes\/dukegeo\/images\/maps\/australia_selected.png","position":"top:75%;left:80.5%","programs":[],"content":"<h1><strong>Programs in this Area <\/strong><\/h1>\r\n\r\n<p>Duke in Australia<br \/>\r\n<a href=\"programs\/search?t=&amp;m=&amp;l=&amp;r=19\">More Info<\/a><\/p>\r\n"}}


Get personalized advice on choosing a program, exploring courses and credits, and covering the costs of study abroad/away when you schedule an appointment with an advisor in the Global Education Office.


We really want you to study away! Meet with us anytime in your four years, and come see us as many times as you need.”

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