Have a great idea for a study abroad or U.S.-based study away program? 

Have a great idea for a study abroad or U.S.-based study away program? The field of global education is rapidly expanding. The increasing complexity, growing need to manage risk and the expanding number of new programs require effective communication and cooperation among faculty and administrators. The Global Education Office (GEO) can support you in developing a program proposal and guide you through the Duke approval process for a new study away program.

GEO’s goals for new program development:

  • To develop global, short-term study opportunities in a broad range of disciplines and geographical areas
  • To complement, enhance, and integrate into students’ on-campus programs/curriculum to the fullest extent possible
  • To offer courses that are closely and inherently related to the site at which they are taught offering education opportunities that students could not get on Duke’s campus
  • To foster opportunities for inter-cultural learning
  • To encourage students, through experiences and study, to value others’ perspectives and see themselves as part of a larger, global world

Note on semester program development:  

It is recommended that faculty interested in leading study-away programs start by developing a summer program. This permits both faculty and GEO to gauge student interest before developing a semester program. If interested in developing a new semester program, please email


GEO wishes to consider new program models, program lengths, and course offerings that can meet departmental needs and major requirements. We are rethinking the student learning experience and looking for new ideas to incorporate experiential components into our summer programs. 

GEO also supports an established study away program in New York City. Summer study away programs and faculty directors in this location rotate. Faculty interested in leading a Duke in New York Summer program should complete the new program proposal steps outlined below.

We are currently developing summer programs for 2025 and beyond. Below are the steps to develop a new study away program proposal. New program proposals should be prepared for step 4 by Wednesday, January 3, 2024, for consideration for summer 2025.


Teaching Proposal

The Global Education Office (GEO) is seeking teaching proposals for its Duke in Venice semester study away program, which takes place in Italy in partnership with the Globalization Program at Venice International University (VIU). GEO is currently considering proposals from regular-rank Duke faculty for the fall 2025 or spring 2026 semesters. 

Interested faculty could benefit from discussing their ideas with faculty who have recently taught at VIU. Please contact Mattie Stevens ( for more information, if desired, or with any questions about the proposal process.