Cost Structures

Program costs vary greatly depending upon the type of program you pursue.

  Duke-In Programs Duke-Approved &
Petition Programs
Tuition + Program Fee Standard Duke tuition plus program-specific fee Tuition and fees of host institution
Housing Fee Some U.S.-based Duke-In programs have a separate housing fee. Tuition and fees of host institution.
Study Abroad Fee N/A Duke Study Abroad Fee 
(semester programs only)
Other Costs Estimated amounts for reasonable personal expenses will be recommended in the 'Other Costs' link for each Duke-In program. Varies by program. Research what is included in the cost of the program, and what you will have to budget to pay on your own.


Duke-In Programs: On Duke-In semester and summer programs, students are obligated to pay Duke tuition, program fees, and housing fees (if any) listed in the Duke program description. These charges will appear on a Duke University Bursar account in the student’s name. Items identified on the program website under ‘Other Costs’ are simply estimates for personal expenses and will not be billed.

Duke-Approved & Petition Programs: Duke students will be billed directly by the external program or university for tuition and program fees, with payment due dates established by the program or university. In addition, the Duke Study Abroad Fee, a flat fee per semester, will be billed through the student’s Duke Bursar account. 

Other Costs

You will need to budget for any additional, personal expenses that are not covered by the program fee(s). Some common additional expenses are: airfare, visa/residency permit, books, mobile phone, public transportation, laundry, meals (some, if not all), personal travel outside the program itinerary, etc.

For Duke-In programs, Duke University will endeavor to identify major expected out-of-pocket expenses in the ‘Other Costs’ section, but cannot guarantee it will identify all that exist.


Please note that Duke does not issue paper bills. All billing notification is sent by email to your Duke email address. Use your Duke NetID and password to access your online accounts at the DukeHub student portal.

Bills will be issued by the Duke University Bursar per the following billing schedule, repeating on a monthly basis until paid in full:

•    Fall semester: late June, due 1st business day in August
•    Spring semester: late November, due 4th business day in January
•    Summer 1: mid-April, due May 12
•    Summer 2: mid-May, due June 12

Late penalties will apply to outstanding amounts past the initial due date.

Non-Duke Students: For more information about accessing DukeHub with your NetID, please consult the Guide for Non-Duke Students.


Use your financial aid or scholarship to study away.

Duke has established robust financial aid programs to support students’ global academic endeavors. Duke financial aid, as well as federal financial aid, can be used to study away.

Financial Aid & Study Away

Scholarship funding is also an option. Consider applying to a scholarship awarded uniquely to study away participants or inquire about using funds from your general scholarship to pursue a study away program.

Scholarships for Study Away

Funding Your Study Away Program with a 529 or Tuition Reimbursement Plan

Each state, state agency, or educational institution that sponsors a 529 college savings plan or tuition reimbursement plan determines the rules and limits for its plan. It is your responsibility to verify whether, and to what extent, your 529 plan or tuition reimbursement plan funds can be used to cover the costs of a study away program. For a directory of plans, visit the College Savings Plans Network website to review 529 plans. Check with the issuing college or university about rules and limits of a tuition reimbursement plan.

There are some study abroad program providers that are ineligible for tuition reimbursement programs. Unfortunately, Duke’s Global Education Office is unable to assist with 529 plans or tuition reimbursement programs in those cases. It is not possible to charge non-Duke tuition costs through the Duke billing system.