Cost Structures

Program costs vary greatly depending upon the type of program you pursue. On a Duke-In Program, you’ll pay standard Duke tuition, plus the program fee specific to that program.

On a Duke-Approved program, including petitioned programs, you’ll pay tuition and fees of the host institution, plus Duke's study abroad fee, a flat fee per semester. Even with the study abroad fee, it often turns out that tuition and fees for Duke-Approved programs end up costing less than studying on Duke's campus.

  Duke-In Programs Duke-Approved Programs
Tuition + Fees Standard Duke tuition plus program fee Tuition and fees of host institution
Other Fees Housing fee for some U.S.-based programs Duke study abroad fee
Additional Expenses Varies by program. Research what’s included in the program fee and what you’ll have to budget to pay on your own. Varies by program. Research what’s included in the program fee and what you’ll have to budget to pay on your own.

Additional Expenses

No matter the type of program you choose, you’ll also need to budget for airfare and any additional expenses that are not covered by the program fee. Some common additional expenses are: airfare, visa/residency permit, books, mobile phone, public transportation, laundry, meals (some, if not all), personal travel outside the program itinerary, etc.


Use your financial aid or scholarship to study away.

Duke has established robust financial aid programs to support students’ global academic endeavors. Duke financial aid, as well as federal financial aid, can be used to study away.

Financial Aid & Study Away

Scholarship funding is also an option. Consider applying to a scholarship awarded uniquely to study away participants or inquire about using funds from your general scholarship to pursue a study away program.

Scholarships for Study Away

Using Your 529 Plan for Study Away

Each state, state agency, or educational institution that sponsors a 529 college savings plan determines the rules and limits for its plan. It is your responsibility to verify whether, and to what extent, your 529 plan funds can be used to cover the costs of a study away program. For a directory of plans, visit the College Savings Plans Network website.