Students who withdraw from a study away program by choice are responsible for payment of fees according to the schedules below. Reasons for voluntary withdrawal may include choosing to stay on campus for a class, job, or research project, or opting for alternative summer plans such as an internship opportunity.


Students who are required to withdraw from a study away program due to academic or disciplinary probation, suspension, or violation of the Duke Community Standard are responsible for payment of fees according to the schedules below.



GEO recognizes there may be a need for students to withdraw from their program after the financial penalty deadlines have passed. Life happens and we can’t always predict the unforeseen when making major decisions like studying away. In light of this, GEO has a standardized process for financial appeals.

All programs have a common Responsibility to Pay schedule (see above) which are included in the Participation Agreement students and their guardians signed. GEO charges non-refundable fees because Duke enters binding contracts with vendors and pays deposits on behalf of study away students. These costs cannot be recouped after the financial penalty deadline.

Circumstances under which student appeals are not granted:

  • A change in personal plans or calendar conflicts
  • Missing the withdrawal deadline
  • Voluntary academic plan changes
  • Failure to understand the Responsibility to Pay schedule for the program
  • Disciplinary or academic probation

If you have questions about whether or not your circumstances warrant an appeal, please consult with your program’s program manager.

Appeal Timeline and Process

Within 5 Business Days from Verbal or Written Notification of Withdrawal:

Students must submit their appeal via email to the program manager within five business days of verbal or written notification of withdrawal. Include the following details in an appeal:

  • Student name and DUID
  • Program name
  • Detailed narrative outlining the reasons for the withdrawal. Appeals without detailed explanations will be denied.

The program manager will work with students to ensure the appeal is complete. Incomplete appeals could be delayed.

Within 10-14 Business Days from the Date of Appeal:

The GEO Appeals Committee will meet and review all complete appeals within 10 business days of receipt. The committee may send follow-up emails asking for additional information or further explanation. All information disclosed in appeals will be kept private. The GEO Appeals Committee will inform students of the outcome of their appeal within 14 business days of submission. Students may still have some financial responsibility even if their appeal is approved.