Program Alert

If you are applying to a Duke-Approved or petition program, please complete your Duke general application in the MyExperientialEd portal as early as possible to expedite the Duke Dean’s and conduct checks required for GEO to approve your application. Delaying the completion of your Duke general application could jeopardize your semester abroad.


When Duke-In and Duke-Approved programs don’t meet your academic needs, you can petition for approval of a program of your choice. This approval is granted by the Faculty Global Education Committee and is a one-time approval of one particular program, for one particular student.

After the student returns to Duke from the program, their work must be evaluated by the relevant Directors of Undergraduate Studies (DUS). If these evaluations are positive, the program can then be petitioned by other students in the future.

After a minimum enrollment of two different students in two different terms, the program may be considered for review by the Faculty Global Education Committee, which has the final say on which programs ultimately appear on the list of Duke-approved programs.

Download the Application Guide

The Application Guide for Petitions contains step-by-step guidance for petitioning a study away program.

Application Guide for Petitions


Petition Deadlines-Spring 2024

For programs taking place in Summer, Academic Year, or Fall 2024

February 8, 2024

March 7, 2024

All items need to be completed and submitted by 12 pm on the petition deadline date.

The deadline to meet with an advisor and start a petition for Summer, Academic Year or Fall 2024 is February 22.

Process for Filing a Petition

Petition Cap

A maximum of six petition applications will be opened per term for any given program. That means a maximum of six petitions for any one program will be opened and considered for review. This will be determined on a first come, first served basis by scheduling a meeting with a GEO advisor and completing all required documents before an advisor will open your application. No exceptions will be made. Petitions require students to be prepared well in advance of the application cycle. The Petition Advising Questionnaire does not count as a petition application.

These procedures are in place for summer, semester, and academic year programs.

Returning from a Petitioned Study Away Program

Upon return to Duke from a petitioned study away program, students are required to complete a petition evaluation. After a program has received positive evaluations in two different semesters or summer terms, it may be considered for addition to the Duke-approved program list by the Faculty Global Education Committee. Petitioned programs are reviewed annually to determine their eligibility for the list.

Petition evaluations are comprised of the following two parts:

Petitioning Programs Formerly on the Approved List

If a Duke-approved program has not been attended by a Duke student for a period of five years, it may be removed from the active Duke-approved program list. If a student wishes to attend a removed program, they must petition the program as normal, but the program may be reconsidered for addition to the approved list only after one successful petition and follow-up evaluation process.

Considering a Petition?

If you are considering petitioning a program it would be helpful to ask yourself the following questions: